In remembrance January 17


With pride and sorrow, we recall some of those who died on this day


+CARR, John
RNVR. Lieutenant (A) Died 17/01/1941. Age 33. HMS Goshawk. Son of Thomas J and Mary Carr, Belfast. Lee-on-Solent Naval Memorial, Panel 6. RNIYC WM

+JACKSON, George Balfour Sydney
RN. FAA. Leading Airman, FAA/FX 80569. Assigned to HMS Daedalus (FAA base at Lee-on-Solent). Died 17/01/1941. Age 19. He was a passenger on steam passenger ship Almeda Star lost on passage to Trinidad. The ship was sunk with the loss of all crew and passengers by U-Boat 96. Son of Sydney Herbert and Marjorie Sinclair Jackson, Belfast. Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Hampshire, Bay 2. St Jude’s Parish Church, Belfast WM. Campbell College 2695


Hit by torpedo from U – 454 and sank almost immediately after explosion with loss of 238 of ship’s company, of whom only two survived and were rescued by HMS Harrier. Many who were able to leave the stricken ship succumbed in the ice-cold water before rescue was possible.

+KELLY, Charles
RN. AB. D/SSX 17785. Died 17/01/1942. HMS Matabele. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 65. KIllyleagh WM

+LYNAS, James
RN. Able Seaman. D/JX 148535. Date of Death: 17/01/1942. Age: 39. HMS Matabele. He had served in the RN for three years prior to rejoining on the outbreak of war. Son of William and Sarah Lynas; husband to Mary Lynas,’Newlands’, Magheramourne.. Father of three children. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 20/02/1942). Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 47

+McILROY, Patrick
RN. Petty Officer Cook (O). D/MX 49918. Date of Death:17/01/1942. Age: 27. HMS Matabele. Son of Richard and Mary McIlroy, Carrickfergus. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 72

+WARDEN, Robert John
RN. AB. D/SSX15810. HMS Matabele. Died 17/01/1942. Son of Robert John and Elizabeth Warden. Husband to Josephine Sarah Warden, Newtownards, Co.Down. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 66

+COWAN, Kenneth
RM. Marine. CH/X 3889. Died 17/01/1945. Age 19. Son of Alexander and Isabella J. Cowan, of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Guildford (Stoke) New Cemetery.

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