In remembrance WW2 – January 25


A Carrickfergus Convoy Signalman and a Derry Gunner

John Beattie Dumigan of Carrickfergus was lost on a convoy to Murmansk in a U-boat attack

John was an RN Convoy Signalman. C/JX 234041. He was in S.S Fort Bellingham and he died on 25/01/1944 when it was sunk.

At 00.16 hours on U-360 (Becker) fired a spread of three FAT torpedoes at the convoy JW-56A in the Barents Sea north of North Cape. There were three hits.

In fact, the only ship hit was that of the convoy commodore Cmdr I.W. Whitehorn RN, who was in the Fort Bellingham (Master James Ninian Maley). It fell behind the convoy, where she was sunk by U-957 with a T-3 torpedo at 06.53 hours the same day.

The master, the commodore, four naval staff members, 22 crew members and seven gunners were picked up by HMS Offa (G 29) (LtCdr R.F. Leonard, RN) and landed at Murmansk.

Two crew members were taken prisoner by U-957. 18 crew members, 16 gunners and two naval staff members were lost including JB Dumigan. Son of John and Martha Dumigan; husband of Rhoda M. Dumigan, Carrickfergus. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 76

+McFARLAND, Samuel
Gunner Samuel McFarland (1486790) of the Royal Artillery died on 25/01/1946. Aged 29, he served with 24 Battery, 9 Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment. Son of John McFarland and of Martha K. McFarland of Limavady. Aghanloo Church of Ireland Churchyard


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