Month: March 2019

March 31 – Belfast officer last fatality of Royal Flying Corps

OTD – The costliest night in RAF history. RH

March 30 – Trooper took North Irish horses to Egypt when regiment dismounted

Mules at Cassino. RH & OTD

March 29 – Remembering courage

Sandy Row bar man awarded DSM for Dunkirk. OTD & RH

March 27 – Navy pilot survives carrier loss

Kaiserschlacht Day 7 – end of 36th Ulster Div. OTD & RH

March 26 – NI Horse losses in Kaiserschlacht

Belfast RN in early development of tanks/landships. OTD & RH

March 25 – Mammoth airlift Operation Varsity

16,000 paratroopers. Kaiserschlacht day 5 depleted Ulst Div.

March 24 – Death of Field Marshal Montgomery

OTD -Three COs in three days for Irish Btn in Kaiserschlacht, The Great Escape.

March 23 – Loss of HMS Laforey

Largest airaid to date Dortmund 1943. RH and OTD