Month: May 2019

May 30 – Downpatrick air gunner was on first 1,000 bomber raid

Over 30 operations, shot down and became POW. Marched across Germany he was repatriated in 1945

May 31 – The RN ships of Jutland – 1

HMS Ajax and HMS Ardent

May 30 – First thousand plane raid on Germany 1942

Women pilots of Air Transport Auxiliary. Roll of Honour. Events On This Day.

27 May – Majestic and Princess Irene lost in 1915. Operation Dynamo at Dunkirk continues 1940. Hunt for Bismarck in 1941

Rolls of Honour. Events On This Day. Download web site magazine

May 26 – Operation Dynamo evacuates BEF from Dunkirk 1940

Roll of Honour. Events On This Day

May 25 – In remembrance – Fall of Boulogne and sinking of HMS Coventry in San Carlos

Roll of Honour. Events On this day

MAY 24 – HMS Hood sank by Bismarck 14 NI fatalities

Hood and Armagh link to origin of penalty kick. RH & OTD

May 23 – Roll of Honour & On This Day

Belfast gunners die in Dunkirk defence. Himmler commits suicide.