June 6 – On this day

On This Day 1944 – D Day, Operation Neptune, landed 156,000 Allied troops on 5 beaches in Normandy as part of the invasion of Europe under Operation Overlord. 6833 ships were used including 5,300 warships and landing craft, 78% of which are British under Royal Navy Adm. Ramsay




36th (Ulster) Division Headquarters closes at Dragon Camp, the 36th (Ulster) Division Line is handed over to the 12th Infantry Division, Belgium Army. Major General Coffin VC Divisional Headquarters moves to Couthove Chateau outside Proven (Photo above).

The Battle of Belleau Wood begins as the U.S. Marine Corps attacks the Germans across an open field of wheat, suffering huge casualties. The battle lasts until 26


Production of hundreds of household goods banned in Britain. All Germans and Austrians living in UK ordered to surrender their wireless sets.

Air raids along many parts of East Coast of England.

U-46 sinks the British armed merchant cruiser Carinthia off the west coast of Ireland.

German tanks in groups of 200 300 break through French line in two places on Somme front and Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division advancing to the West of Amiens, penetrates 20 miles into French territory. During these breakthrough’s the Germans suffer heavy losses at Amiens and Petonne.


Hitler issues a directive for the implementation of the Kommissarbefehl (Commissar Order) which calls for the summary execution of all Soviet political commissars attached to the Red Army. This order is tacitly disobeyed by most German army and corps commanders who deem it contrary to German military custom and tradition.
Act authorizing acquisition of idle foreign merchant ships by the US is approved.


A German bomb, undiscovered for 13 months explodes. 19 people are killed, more than 50 injured and 300 families made homeless.

German troops execute every male in the Czech village of Lidice (Bohemia) and then set fire to village in response to Heydrich’s death.


Shortly after midnight on 6 June 1944, paratroops from the British 6th Airborne division landed near Pegasus Bridge in Normandy. Operation Overlord had begun – the Allied invasion of German-occupied Europe.

By the end of July over one million troops were entrenched in Normandy and the war could be taken to Germany’s front door.

Before dawn, the Allied Expeditionary Force of British, American, Canadian, Polish, and Free French troops begins Operation Overlord, the long-awaited invasion of France.


The Royal Navy loses the Destroyers Wrestler and Svenner, which was Norwegian.

The French take Tivoli in Italy.


The Anniversary of D-Day, sees Eisenhower order a holiday for troops in Europe. Allied casualties from D-Day to VE-Day were 776,967 of which 141,590 were killed.

Naha airbase on Okinawa is now being used to hit Japan.

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