June 18 – Roll of Honour


Deir El-Belah war cemetery, beautifully maintained by the CWGC staff of Gaza Strip

Representing their comrades who died on this day

+CAMPBELL, Alexander
RAFVR. Sergeant (Wireless Op./Air Gunner). 974217. Died 18/06/1941. Aged 19. 50 Sqdn. Son of James and Jane Campbell, of Belfast. Hatfield (Woodhouse) Cemetery, Yorkshire
+DOUGLAS, Harold
Royal Artillery. Gunner. 821263. Died 18/06/1942. Aged 28. 2 Bty., 1 H.A.A. Regt. Son of Harry and Margaret Douglas; husband of Mary Jane Douglas, of Newton St. Boswells, Roxburghshire. Belfast City Cemetery, Glenalina


+SLOSS, Francis Neville
RAFVR. Corporal. 1544915. Died 18/06/1943. Aged 19. 83 Squadron, Son of Francis Alexander and Alice Mary Frances Violet Sloss of Bangor. Bangor Cemetery

VETERANS – They served and returned

BLACKWOOD, William John
RN. Senior Chief Petty Officer. 346494. Enrolled 11/11/1903 for 12 years. Served to 19/06/1925. War service in Ringdove, Tyne, Vivid, and Argus. Born Hamilton, Co. Armagh 04/06/1881. ADM 188/525/346496

CAMPBELL, James Scott
RN. Blacksmith. M26461. Enrolled 19/06/1917 for hostilities. Pembroke II and Blenheim. Demobbed 02/05/1919. Born Belfast 03/06/1899. ADM 188/1070/26461

DALTON, Frederick Alexander
RN. AB. SS2445. Enrolled 19/06/1908 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 21/06/1913. Joined RFR 22/06/1913. Served 11/08/1914 – 06/03/1919. Served in Suffolk, Pembroke I, Titania and Wallington. Born Belfast 02/05/1890. ADM 188/1096/2445

GILLESPIE, Frederick Walter
RND. Stoker First Class. SS 105645, RFR/B/8915. Howe Battalion. Wounded in Dardanelles 19/06/1915. Transferred to fleet 26/07/1915. Brother of Elizabeth Stanley, Albert Terr., Sydenham, Belfast. ADM339

HALL, George
RND. Stoker First Class. 288162, RFR/B/731. Howe Battalion 15/09/1914. Wounded Dardanelles 19/06/1915. Husband to Margaret Hall, McClure St., Belfast. ADM339

JOSS, Edward
RN. Stoker First Class. SS111416. HMS Shannon. Jutland. Enrolled 25/10/1911 for 5 and 7 years. Served in Shannon 19/06/1915 – 06/03/1919, and Pembroke. Joined RFR 07/03/1919. Born Belfast 02/10/1893. ADM 188/1117/111416

KERR, Harry
RN. Acting ERA IV. M32144. Formerly RNVR. Enrolled 19/06/1918 for hostilities. Demobbed 14/03/1919. War service in Vivid and Hecla. Born Kilrea 22/02/1897. ADM 188/1082/32144

LEINSTER, James Henderson
RMLI. Private. 16417. Chatham Division. Enlisted 19/06/1909. War service in Cadmus 17/10/1912 – 01/07/1916, Wildfire and RM Brigade 13/10/1917 – 16/12/1918. Served to 08/06/1922. Joined RFR. Born Lisburn 04/07/1891. Son of James Leinster, Grand Street, Lisburn. Hillhall – PCI RH. ADM 159/126/16417

MILLS, Charles
RN. Acting Stoker I. K52626. Enrolled 17/07/1918 for hostilities. Pembroke II and Gunner. Demobbed 19/06/1919. Born Ballymoney 06/04/1896. ADM 188/968/52626

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