June 20 – On this day


RM Commando raid launched from US Submarine Perch off Korea in 1950


Battle of the Catalaunian Plains: Roman and Visigoths forces defeat Attila the Hun in north east France


38 (Irish) Brigade in Italy – Lt-Col Horsfall 2 LIR: “Pat Scott came in, saying that he wished to break the news to me greatly – that the general had had an inspiration. He proposed to sail the 2nd Rifles in ‘ducks’ (DUKWs) down the 10 mile length of Lake Trasimene & land us behind this vexatious opposition.

..There were some mutterings about Napoleon and genius, I referred to the abject speed of the duck, its noise like a traction engine giving birth, and the military problem confronting us when the reception committee gathered with 88s to await our landfall the other end…

..Finally, I said that I thought it would be the likely end of Charles Keightley’s career as well as mine …and yours for allowing it.’ Pat grinned, ‘I thought I’d try it out on you. I will pass your comments, and mine, on to himself.’



RAAF Spitfires over Darwin intercepted a formation of 42 Japanese bombers and fighters, shooting down nine bombers and five fighters. This was the most successful encounter by the RAAF over Darwin, during which Group Captain Caldwell, an ace from the European theatre, shot down his fifth Japanese aircraft. The final air raid on Darwin took place on 12 November 1943.


41 Cdo RoyalMarines along with a few crew launched a daring raid from Submarine USS Perch blowing railway lines & cutting off supply lines on the coast of North Korea
In World War II, the Perch earned four battle stars. In the Korean War, it earned one battle star and was one of only two submarines to be awarded the Submarine Combat Insignia. In addition, its commanding officer, Lt. Cmdr. R.D. Quinn, received the Bronze Star for actions during a special operations mission, the only submarine commander in that conflict to be awarded a combat decoration.


The first RoyalNavy OASIS or Onboard Automatic data processing Support in Ships and Submarines, computer system was installed at HMS Dolphin in Gosport. Several months later it was fitted to the first warship HMS Exeter. Elements of the system still in use today

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