June 23 – On this day


A narrow gauge train carrying men and artillery shells to the front lines.WW1

Robert the Bruce takes on the English army at Bannockburn. After two days of fighting, Scotland prevails.


The Royal Army Medical Corps was formed. ‘Faithful in Adversity’. Army medical personnel have received 27 Victoria Crosses and two bars to the VC, indicating the immense danger faced by RAMC troops and the extraordinary valour with which they have met it.


Alan Turing FRS, the mathematician and founding figure of computer science and artificial intelligence was born.


At 2200hrs during the Gallipoli campaign on the Dardanelles, Major Crover RM from A Coy Portsmouth ‘at the point of a bayonet’ took a Turkish trench which they held for an hour and a half. Crover was killed during the action.


At the Battle of Verdun the Germans take Hills 321 and 320 and the Thiaumont Fort.


Destroyer HMS Khartoum sank in the Red Sea when she suffered an internal explosion (probably caused by a faulty torpedo) after taking part with other ships in a battle with Italian submarine Torricelli. 1 crew member died.

General Erwin Rommel in the Paris, France victory parade

The German advance continues down west coast of France.
Pierre Laval is appointed as Vice-Premier, while de Gaulle is cashiered by Weygand for announcing the formation of French National Committee in London.

First British commando raid on France is made at Le Touquet.
Hitler makes a brief sightseeing visit to Paris. Driving through nearly empty streets, he makes a special point of viewing Napoleon’s tomb, ending his tour at the Eiffel tower.


US Under-Secretary of State, backs Churchill’s aid-for-Russia policy.

The Red Army launches an armored counter-attack near Tilsit in Lithuania, but this is repulsed with heavy losses. German forces cross the River Bug, bypassing Brest-Litovsk from the North and South and penetrating 50 miles into Russian occupied Poland.

Slovakia declares war on the Soviet Union.


The Russians withdraw to the South side of Sevastopol’s bay, preserving their front, as the bombardment and German attacks increase. German advanced elements reach the Egyptian border. Rommel signals Kesselring for permission to continue the advance in to Egypt, pointing out that at Tobruk his forces has captured large quantities of fuel and supplies.


A coal strike is Appalachia is finally settled. President Roosevelt warns the miners that if they strike again, he will draft them into the army so that they will be forced to work.



38 (Irish) Brigade – Lt-Col Horsfall 2 LIR, 23rd June 1944:
“Led by Colin Gibbs, F Coy was 500 yds up the road to Pescia & still held the tactical strong point of Casa Montemara. It was the key to the next operation as the opening barrage of 78’s divisional artillery had to start on a line through it.

“I offered to withdraw F Coy a 1/4 mile back to safety. Colin said, ‘Colonel, I would like to talk to my chaps.’ & after speaking to them told me: ‘Sir, you must begin with the barrage on this place, but we would like to stay. It has good cellars & we will go in to them at zero.

“Colin thus took the decision, which no senior officer would have ordered – not in a British army. But it was the right one. And so it came about that a company commander & 30 riflemen elected to stay in their posts when their division’s artillery put down their wrath upon them..”

The Red Army launched Operation Bagration on the Eastern Front. By the end of August, German Army Group Centre had been virtually destroyed. This, together with activities of the Western allies, would spell the death knell for Nazi Germany

Eden tells the Commons ‘ the facts’ about the killing of 50 ‘escaping’ RAF officers at Stalag Luft III, saying ‘These prisoners of war were murdered’.

Generaloberst Dietl, C-in-C of 20th Gebirgs Army on the Arctic front in northern Finland, is killed in an air crash.

In one of the largest air strikes of the war, the U.S. Fifteenth Air Force sends 761 bombers against the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania.


The San Francisco Conference Co-ordination Committee, completes the text of the UN Charter.


HMS Protector, the RoyalNavy Ice Patrol Ship, is commissioned at HMNB Portsmouth as a temporary replacement for the stricken HMS Endurance.The RN purchased the former MV Polar Bear 2 yrs later.


Brexit referendum: United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union



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