June 29 – Roll of Honour


Theipval Wood

Representing their comrades who fell on this day

+CASEY, Samuel
1st Bn. Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Private. 17465.
Died 29/06/1915. From Ballymoney. 29th June 1915. Helles Memorial, Gallipoli, Panels 190-196

+BUNTING, William John
RNR. Signal Boy. 2086SB. HMS Vivid. Died of pneumonia 29/06/1918. Aged 17. Son of Joseph and Mary Ann Bunting, Seaview Street, Belfast. Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth.

RNR. Lieutenant (E). Died 29/06/1940. Age 28. HMS Willamette Valley . Served an apprenticeship with Harland and Wolff. In service of Union Castle Line when he volunteered for naval service. His father, Robert, had served with the Royal Artillery in WW1. Son of Robert and Annie Walker, Torrens Ave., Belfast. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 31/08/1940). Liverpool Naval Monument

+STEWART, James Geddis
RAFVR. Corporal. 1001179. Died 29/06/1944. Aged 22. Son of William and Martha Stewart, of Belfast. Runnymeade Memorial, Panel 241


DAVIS, William
RN. ERA II. M19347. Enrolled 14/03/1916 for hostilities. Victory II and Royal Sovereign 20/04/1916 – demob 29/06/1919. Born Islandmagee 22/06/1879. ADM 188/1056/19347

RN. Leading stoker. 298770. Enrolled 05/10/1901 for 12 years. Served to 04/10/1913. Joined RFR 05/10/1913. Served from 07/08/1914 in Vivid II, Aurora, Andromache and Pylorus. Demobbed 29/06/1919. Born Londonderry 10/10/1878. ADM 188/484/298770

KELLY, Matthew
RN. Seaman. J72460. Enrolled 29/06/1917 for hostilities. War service in Vivid I, Defiance, Diligence and Woolwich. Demobbed 14/03/1919. Born Antrim 22/03/1892. ADM 188/791/72460

KIRK, James
RN. AB. 222472. Enrolled 29/06/1905 for 12 years. War service in Vengeance, Pembroke I, Dido, Conqueror and Attentive II (Records ceases 07/03/1917). Born Belfast 29/06/1887. Coyle Street, Belfast. Clifton Street – PCI RH. ADM 188/391/222472

McCARTEY, Samuel
RMLI. Private. 17074. Plymouth Division. Enlisted 02/09/1914. In Royal Arthur, Cyclops II, and Marlborough. Served to 19/02/1920. Born Belfast 29/06/1896. Nephew of Miss Dackie, Manderson St., Connswater, Belfast. Welland Street, Belfast. Megain Memorial – PCI RH. ADM 159/160/17074

RN. Stoker I. K9969. Enrolled 10/01/1911 for 12 years. War service in Pembroke II, Natal, Prince George and Indomitable. Served to 10/01/1923. Born Lisburn 29/06/1891. ADM 188/886/9969

WHITE, Francis James
RNAS. Petty Officer Mechanic. F6301. Armoured Car Division. Enrolled 29/06/1915 for hostilities. In France 19/07/1915. In Russia 01/10/1916 – 07/01/1918. To Machine Gun Corps 18/01/1918. Born Newry 03/06/1887. ADM 188/572/6301

WILLIS, Robert Sydney
RNAS. AM I. F6302. Enrolled 29/06/1915 for hostilities. Served in Crystal Palace, No.5 Wing in France, Campania and Icarus. Transferred to RAF 31/03/1918. Born Banbridge 07/04/1895. ADM 188/572/6302

WHITFIELD, Charles Alexander
RAMC. Colonel. MiD. QUB MB 1918. Served ASC 1914 – Aug 1917. Lieutnant RAMV 05/09/1918. Lt. Colonel 1940. Served in France from 01/10/1915 – 1917 and 1918 – 19, Germany 1919, Mesopotamia 1920 – 21, India 1921. Born 1890. Son of Henry and Mary, Lambeg. Died 29/06/1962, Chatham

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