Month: September 2019

September 30 – Roll of Honour

On this day in 1938, British prime minister Neville Chamberlain returns from a meeting with Hitler in Munich and promises “peace for our time.” In less than a year, the world will be at war. Today’s Roll includes the first North Irish Horse officer… Continue Reading “September 30 – Roll of Honour”

September 29 – Roll of Honour

On this day in 1918, the Allies smash through Germany’s ‘Hindenburg Line’. Within 43 days, WW1 will be over. The Roll today reflects the cost of the attack. Amongst the fallen is 25 year old Lance Corporal Ernest Seaman MM, who was awarded the… Continue Reading “September 29 – Roll of Honour”

September 26 – Roll of Honour

On This Day in 1944, The Battle of Arnhem ends in Allied defeat with more than 8,000 British and Polish soldiers killed or captured. James Cameron from Carrickfergus died on this date as the result of wounds received during the Battle. He had served… Continue Reading “September 26 – Roll of Honour”

September 25 – Roll of Honour

Parachute Regiment colours at Osterbeek 75th anniversary remembrance service. 33 men are remembered on today’s Roll. They include a Banbridge man who was one of the first to enlist with the North Irish Horse who were in France from 20 August 1914, also an… Continue Reading “September 25 – Roll of Honour”

September 23 – Roll of Honour

Remembrance at Osterbeek. Today’s Roll includes Wilhelmina Charley from Dunmurry, a VAD, in the UVF hospital in Belfast and later in Salonica and Italy; a Belfast lawyer, a Gunner turned glider pilot, who flew glider on D-Day (Wave 3) and died at Arnhem; and… Continue Reading “September 23 – Roll of Honour”

September 22 – The fate of the Live Bait Squadron

On this day in 1914 three Cressy class ships of “The Live Bait Squadron” were attacked and sunk. At least twenty men from Northern Ireland were lost in this engagement.

September 22 – Roll of Honour

Today’s Roll includes two medical officers who had been members of the Training Corps at Queen’s University, two men who served with Canadian forces, and two men born in Randalstown.

September 20 – Roll of Honour

Just another day in two world wars. A day which changed families for ever. Todays Roll recalls 17 men from all services and from all parts of NI who defended democracy and freedom. Photo – Menin Gate sunset