September 10 – Roll of Honour


Today is the anniversary of the sinking in WW2 of HMS Abdiel with the loss of three men from NI. Also recorded amongst our veterans remembered today is the WRNS officer from Ballycastle (photo above) who had to resign her commission as she outranked her new husband. Today was their wedding anniversary.

Representing their comrades who died on this day


RNR. Engineman. LT/X3124U. Died 10/09/1941. Age 36. HM Examination Drifter Christine Rose. Son of James and Mary McIlhinney, Larne. Husband to Mary McIlhinney, Larne. Oban (Pennyfuir) Cemetery. Memorial Holy Table, Cairncastle Parish Church

1943                              HMS ABDIEL

HMS Abdiel was an Abdiel class minelayer. She served with the Mediterranean Fleet (1941), Eastern Fleet (1942), Home Fleet (1942-43), and the Mediterranean Fleet (1943). Although designed as a fast minelayer her speed and capacity made her suitable for employment as a fast transport. On 10/09/1943 Abdiel was in the Mare Grande at Taranto harbour in southern Italy where it had arrived as part of Force Z the previous day. Its task was to disembark soldiers of the British 1st Airborne Division but at 1215 hrs, a mine exploded under the ship. Such was the violence of the explosion that Abdiel broke its back and sank within two minutes. The dead included forty-eight of the crew and 120 soldiers.

+CROMIE, David
R.N. Stoker 1st Class. D/KX 152720. HMS Abdiel. Died 10/09/1943. Age 19. Son of Albert and Agnes Cromie, Ballywalter. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 82

+HARRIS, Norman
RN. Able Seaman. D/SSX 17237. Date of Death: 10/09/1943. HMS Abdiel. Eight years’ service. Son of James and Frances Harris, Melrose St., Belfast; husband to Audrey Harris. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 22/10/1943). Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 79

RN. Able Seaman. D/J 83090. Died 10/09/1943. Age: 42. HMS Abdiel. Son of William and Hannah Hutchinson, Belfast; husband to Gertrude Hutchinson, Belfast. Bari War Cemetery


+EWART, Norman Sterling
RAFVR. Pilot Officer. 158918. Died 10/09/1943. 154 Sqdn. 
Son of John W. and Ethel Ewart, of Finaghy, Co. Antrim. Alamein Memorial, Egypt


BROWNE, Frederick William
RMLI. Private. 2488. Plymouth Division. Enlisted 10/09/1917. Discharged 10/03/1919. Enlisted RUR 01/02/1923. Draper’s assistant. Born 29/08/1899. Kensington Road, Belfast. Ormiston – PCI RH. ADM 159/179/2488

COLES, Walter Herbert
RN. Petty Officer. 344217. Enrolled 10/09/1904 for 12 years. War service in Halcyon, Triton, Pembroke I, Undaunted and Coventry. Served to 28/12/1921. Born Kilkeel 19/09/1886. ADM 188/521/344217

CRAIG, James Young
RMLI. Private. 16004. Enlisted 13/01/1913. Discharged 09/09/1925. Joined RFR 10/09/1925. Born Belfast 10/09/1895. Potabello St., Belfast. ADM 159/158/16004

DAVIDSON, Alexander
RN. Stoker I. K19016. Enrolled 21/04/1913 for 12 years. War service in Lancaster, Pembroke II and Euryalus. Invalided 06/04/1921. Born Belfast 10/09/1894. ADM 188/905/19016

TEMPLETON, nee Casement, Joan Mary
WRNS. Stationed in London where she met Richard Aubrey Templeton, Blythe, Georgia, USA. Married 10/09/1942. She had to resign her commission as she outranked her new husband. Director of Religious Education in Good Shepherd Parish, Augusta. Served at VA Hospital, Augusta. (Augusta Chronicle 24/12/2008). Born 06/02/1917 Saharanpur, India. Daughter of Roger Hugh Casement and Mary Katherine Cowie Casement of Ballycastle.

WILSON, James Wilson Albert
IMS. Lieutenant. QCB MB 1903, BCh BAO MD 1912. Lieutenant IMS 1915. Served 1914 – 18. East Africa. Born 1880, Portaferry. Died 10/09/1946, aged 66

Every day is a Remembrance Day

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We will remember them


One Comment on “September 10 – Roll of Honour

  1. HMS Abdiel had taken part in re-supply runs to Tobruk during the siege and assisted in the evacuation of Crete where the ship came under attack by German aircraft. A cruiser-minelayer, Abdiel and the other five vessels of the class, were capable of 40 knots. Another of the class, HMS Latona, was lost on its first supply mission to Tobruk. Abdiel was ordered to Singapore but the base fell before the ship arrived and it was redeployed in the Indian Ocean before returning to the UK via South Africa. One of Abdiel’s officers, Paul Chavasse DSC, a cousin of Noel Chavasse VC* MC, was Mentioned in Despatches during the Crete operations and later received a Bar to his DSC while serving on HMS Jamaica for his part in the sinking of Scharnhorst in the Battle of North Cape in December 1943.


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