September 12 – Roll of Honour


Today’s Roll reflects the conflict in the air in 1942. Three RAF remembered at the Alamein Memorial. A decorated Naval officer from a well known Derry  family firm, Gunners at Singapore and others are remembered.

Representing their comrades who died on this day


+WILSON, George
RN Brigade. Private. Died 12/09/1917 in hospital in Mesopotamia. Ex-Clyde 2/2404 AB RNVR, Enlisted 16/05/1913 ; Anson Battalion A/113. 22/08/1914 – 27/02/1915 discharged medically unfit from Anson Battalion. Re-enlisted in Royal Field Artillery at Glasgow. Born Dublin 08/04/1894. Son of John Wilson, Taylor’s Row, Coleraine. 1914 Star issued to father 09/12/1919. Terrace Row – PCI RH. ADM/171


+LLOYD, John Joseph
RN. Stoker I. S3S116844. Died 12/09/1918 of influenza and pneumonia. Enrolled 20/02/1915 for 5 and 7 years. Victory II, Attentive, Dolphin and Vivid. Born Belfast 28/12/1895. ADM 188/1122/116844


+DAVIS, John Lumsden
RAF. Sergeant. 549689. Died 12/09/1942. Aged 23. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Davis, of Londonderry. Alamein Memorial, Egypt

+HUNTER, William James
RAF. Corporal. 540459. Died 12/09/1942. Aged 23. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Hunter, of Newtownards. Alamein Memorial, Egypt

+MOORE, Andrew
RAF. Corporal. 532303. Died 12/09/1942. Aged 26. Son of John and Margaret Moore, of Aldergrove. Alamein Memorial, Egypt

RN. Sub Lieutenant. DSC and bar. Died 12/09/1942. A member of a prominent Londonderry family which owned famous shirt manufacturing company. He became one of the first men from the city to earn distinction in the war while serving on HMS Hotspur during the Battle of Narvik in 1940 when he was awarded DSC. Citation states, “Though himself wounded, he rallied the survivors from his two guns’ crews and opened rapid and accurate fire on the enemy, causing them to keep their distance until HMS Hostile and HMS Havock could return to cover HMS Hotspur’s withdrawal”. He was later awarded a bar to the DSC for his skill and coolness while tracking down an Italian submarine in the Mediterranean. He also took part in the evacuation of Crete, was involved in the Tobruk convoys and assisted in the sinking of another submarine. He died at sea as a result of enemy action on 12/09/1942. Plymouth Naval Memorial.


+MORRISON, William
Royal Artillery. Lance Bombardier.1427308. Died 12/09/1944. Aged 25. 3 H.A.A. Regt. Son of John and Isabella Morrison, of Seacon, Co. Antrim. Singapore Memorial, Column 10

+RAMSEY, Thomas
Royal Artillery. Bombardier. 850364. Died 12/09/1944. Aged 28. 3 H.A.A. Regt. Son of Henry and Annie Ramsey, of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Singapore Memorial, Column 8

+SMYTH, Robert

RAFVR. Flight Lieutenant (Air Bomber). 993020. Died 12/09/1944. Age 26. 207 Squadron. Husband to Joyce Smyth.Son of Tom Smyth, People’s Park, Ballymena. Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany


+McQUADE, William
RAFVR. Leading Aircraftman. 1302586. Died 12/09/1945. Aged 34.Son of John and Jane McQuade (nee Francis), of Londonderry. Jakarta War Cemetery, Indonesia


McKIBBIN, Frederick
RAMC. Colonel. OBE. QUB MB 1915. Lieutenant RAMC SR, Feb 1914. Mobilised 25/03/1915. Captain, Sept 1915. Served in France from 23/04/1915 to 1916. Egypt 1917 – 21. Colonel, Dec 1941. OBE 01/01/1943. Born 1892. Son of John and Margaret McKibbin, Eglantine Ave., Belfast. Died 12/09/1952

Every day is a Remembrance Day

Please log on to Remembrance NI daily
We will remember them

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