October 26 – Roll of Honour


OTD in 1918, the Ulster Division is ordered that tonight, they would be relieved from the Frontline. When relieved the War for the Ulster Division would be over, as they will go into the reserve and rest until the armistice. October casualties – Missing 537 – killed 452 – wounded 2807. Photo – Ranville CWGC Cemetery, WW2

Representing their comrades who died on this day


+HENRY, James
Royal Irish Rifles, “C” Coy. 2nd Bn. Corporal. 6954. Died 26/10/1914. Aged 29. Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Henry, of Downpatrick. Sainghin-en-Weppes Communal Cemetery, Nord, France


+DOYLE, Richard James
RNR. Stoker. 9110S. Age 16. Served in HMS Flirt at Jutland. Died 26/10/1916. Son of Thomas and Ellen (nee O’Hare) Doyle, Newry. Plymouth Naval Memorial


+COLTON, Terence
Northumberland Fusiliers, 1st/4th Bn. Private. 204474. Died 26/10/1917. Aged 23. Son of James and Mary Colton, of Minneveigh, Dungannon. Poelcapelle British Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

+GIRVAN, Frederick William
Devonshire Regiment, 8th Bn. Captain. Died 26/10/1917. Aged 24. Son of Robert and Isabella Girvan, of 115, Cavehill Rd., Belfast. Tyne Cot Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

+HILL, Leonard
RMLI. Private. Signaller. PLY/1335(S). 2nd RM Battalion. RND. Died 26/10/1917. Age 22. Enlisted 03/01/1916; Draft for BEF (Signaller) 16/04/1917, joined 2nd Royal Marine Battalion 03/06/1917-26/10/1917. A Clerk. Son of Charles Edward and Annie Hill, Donaghadee Rd., Bangor. Tynecot Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Bangor Purple Star LOL No. 677 RH. First Bangor – PCI RH

+JACKSON, Samuel James
The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 2nd/5th Bn. Formerly 
Army Service Corps. Private. 28610. Died 26/10/1917. Aged 26. Son of James and Rose Anne Jackson, of 24, Arkwright St., Belfast; husband to Jane Jackson (nee Hanna), of Drumreagh, Ballymoney. Tynecot Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

+SIMMS, John Sibbald
London Regiment (Rangers), 2/12 Btn. Captain. 1048. Died 26/10/1917. John Simms was the last Old Cambellian to be killed in the Third Battle of Ypres. He was at Campbell College. Belfast, from September 1908 to December 1912. Son of S. H. and M. F. S. Simms, of Newtownards. Duhallow ADS Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium


+MILLS, Robert
Royal Irish Fusiliers. Private. 41087. Died 26/10/1919. Fivemiletown Church of Ireland Churchyard, County Tyrone


RNVR. Lieutenant. MiD. Died on HM Submarine Tetrarch off Sicily. Age 27. After a period of intense action, Lt. Walmsley was hitching a lift from Malta to the UK on the submarine Tetrarch. Mentioned in Despatches (posthumously), London Gazette 07/04/1942, he had completed seventeen Central Mediterranean War Patrols with HM Ships Unbeaten, Upholder and Ursula. Torpedoed three large escorted Italian transports off Tripoli 18/09/1941. Sank the Italian Torpedo Boat Albatross off Cape Rascolmo, north Sicily on 27/09/1941. Tetrarch sailed from Alexandria on 17/10/1941 for Malta to adjust complement before proceeding to refit in USA. The submarine arrived at Malta on 24/10/1941, and left again on 26/10/1941 at 1700. Routing instructions were communicated from Gibraltar by the Flag Officer Commanding North Atlantic on the afternoon of 25th and also requested that she report her position, course and speed. Tetrarch did not respond and was never seen again. The loss cannot be ascribed to any known enemy anti-submarine attacks, and it was assumed that mining was the most likely cause of her loss beyond the Sicilian Channel off Cavioli island. Son of James Charles and Margaret Walmsley, Kilkeel. Valetta WM.


+WILLETT, Joseph Stuart
RNVR. FAA. 789 Squadron. Sub Lieutenant (A). Died 26/10/1942. Age 22. HMS Malagas. The role of the squadron, then based at Wingfield, Cape Town, was to provide facilities such as target towing in support of naval units. During a night mission of some kind, his aircraft, a Fairey Albacore, collided with a similar machine. The other aircraft landed safely but Joseph’s crashed close to the airfield, killing all three crew on board. Son of Rudolph Stuart Willett and Mabel Wiles Willett, Dhu-Varren, Portrush. Simon’s Town (Dido Valley) Cemetery


+ADDIS, Anthony
Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Fusilier. 5391179. Died 26/10/1943. Aged 28. Son of Thomas Addis and of Elizabeth Addis (nee Watson), of Belfast. Bari War Cemetery, Italy

Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Fusilier. 7018898. Died 26/10/1943. Aged 18. Son of Fred and Sarah Cussell, of Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. Cassino Memorial, Italy

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