October 27 – Roll of Honour


Assault on Passchendaele 12 October – 6 November 1917: Most of the men (about forty only) left in the 8th Australian Battalion after the opening push of the second battle of Passchendaele. RH 26 October 1917. One of the Australians who died on this date was born in Moy. William Allen had previously served with the Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Representing their comrades who died on this day


Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman.7073. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 23. Son of William Campbell, of 49, Annette St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 8199. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 27. Son of Mrs. Mary Ann Carlisle, of 13, St. Leonard St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

+COOKE, Thomas
Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 8069. Died 27/10/1914. Larne. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Btn. Rifleman. 8215. Died 27/10/1914. Age 23. The 1st Battle of Ypres started on 18/10/1914. Born on 24/10/1891 in Cookstown, the second of two sons of Henry and Mary Ann Crossett. The family moved to 116, Carnan St., Belfast. Both John and his father were general labourers. Le Touret Memorial, Le Touret, Pas-de-Calais, France. Cookstown WM

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2nd Bn.Private. 10381. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 18. Adopted son of Charles and Mary Bryson, of 46, St. Columb’s Wells, Londonderry. Ploegsteert Memorial, Hainaut, Belgium

+GETTY, Robert
Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Btn. Rifleman. 6444. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 24. Son of the late Robert Getty; husband to Ellen Sinclair Getty, of James St., Ballymena. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

+LAVERY, Joseph
Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Btn. Rifleman. 8728. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 36. Served in the South African Campaign. Husband of Catherine Murphy (formerly Lavery), of 34, Berry St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 7583. Died 27/10/1914. Son of the late Clr. Serjt. J. and Mrs. Elizabeth McAllister, of South Down’s, Downpatrick. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

+McCRACKEN, Frederick
Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman.7243. Died 27/10/1914. Son of Joseph and Mary McCracken, of 42, Crimea Street, Belfast. His brother, Joseph also fell. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

+McILWRATH, William James
Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 5893. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 32. Son of William John McIlwrath, of 20, Ardilaun St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 8705. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 22. Son of George and Ann Morrison, of 20, Parkview St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

+QUAIL, Thomas
Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 9016. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 48. Served in the South African Campaign. Husband of the late Sarah Quail, of 66, Foreman St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 6101. Died 27/10/1914. Aged 32. Husband to Alexandrina Scott, of 71, Island St., Belfast. Pont-du-Hem Military Cemeytery, La Gorgue, Nord, France

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Bn. Rifleman. 8270. Died 27/10/1914.Aged 27. Husband to Matilda Watters, of 13, Renfew St., Belfast. Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, France


Died 27/10/1916, at his residence, Fountain-street, Downpatrick, James Cleland, late Regimental Sergeant-Major of the 9th Batt., Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers (Tyrone Volunteers). Like his father, James served in the Munster Fusiliers. Afterwards he was engaged at Strabane as a U.V.F. drill instructor. On the outbreak of hostilities he became sergeant-major in one of the Inniskilling battalions of the Ulster Division. But the hardships endured on the western front in the winter of 1915-16 broke down his health. He left a wife and six children. This was the second time for his wife to be widowed. Her former husband, also a soldier, was killed in the Boer war.


+ALLEN, William
Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 2nd Bn. Private. 2345. Died 27/10/1917 at Ypres. Age 28. Born in Moy. William Allen had previously served with the Royal Irish Fusiliers for two years before emigrating to Australia when he was 23 years old. He worked as a labourer before enlisting with the Australian Infantry in May 1915. Son of Mrs. A. Allen, of 39, Carlton St., Portadown. Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Moy WM

+CAMPBELL, Robert Thomas
Canadian Army Medical Corps. 11th Field Amb. Private. 531709. Died 27/10/1917. Born on 14/01/1889 at Legane, Aughnacloy. By 1911 Robert had emigrated to Canada. He was a resident at Robertson College. Robert’s enlistment papers of 06/03/1916 state his next of kin as his brother James. He gives his Trade as a Druggist’s Assistant. He was 5′ 8″ tall. He had previously served in the University of Alberta Canadian Officers’ Training Corps (COTC). Nine Elms British Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Dungannon WM


+McMULLAN, Robert
RNR. Leading Seaman. S/24B. HM Trawler Neptunian. Died 27/10/1918. Age 30. Son of John and Jane McMullan, Castle Terrace, Larne Harbour. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 31. Larne WM


Royal Army Service Corps, Driver. T/27962. Died 27/10/1919. Dundonald Cemetery

1940                           HM Submarine H.49

+AMERY, Jack
RN. ERA 3rd Class. P/MX 53237. Died 27/10/1940. HM Submarine H.49. Born at Clifton St., Belfast, his father was for 20 years in charge of the naval recruiting office in Belfast and was afterward clerk to the Belfast Charitable Society. Son of Councillor and Mrs. Amery, Gosport Hants, formerly of Clifton St., Belfast. He left a wife and a daughter. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 09/01/1942). Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 41

+BOYLES, Alexander
RN. Petty Officer Stoker. C/KX 80080. Died 27/10/1940. Age 29. HM Submarine H.49. 11 years service. Son of Alexander and Mary Ann Boyles Arkwright St., Belfast. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 05/04/1941.). Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 39


+DUFFY, James
RAF. Leading Aircraftman. 306077. Died 27/10/1940. Son of Charles and Treosa Duffy; Husband of Margaret Duffy, of Lurgan. Derrytrasna Roman Catholic Churchyard


+BLAIR, William
Royal Army Service Corps. Driver. T/6983810. Died 27/10/1942. Aged 22. Son of John and Mary Jane Blair, of Coleraine. Gaza War Cemetery. Israel and Palestine

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2nd Bn. Lance Corporal. 6978642. Died 27/10/1942. Aged 23. Son of Patrick and Rose Carville, of Lurgan. Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery, Iraq


+BUTLER, Beauchamp Henry
Royal Irish Fusiliers, attached from Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Lieutenant Colonel.17713. DSO. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 41. Lt-Col Butler, commander of 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, was killed during the night attack on San Salvo. His DSO was announced on 18/11/1943. Son of Charles R. and Ethel E. J. Butler; husband to Vera May Butler, of Clogher, Co. Tyrone. Sangro River War Cemetery, Sangro, Chieti, Italy

+CURRAN, Kevin
Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Fusilier. 7014099. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 22. Son of Mary E. Curran, of Belfast.  Sangro River War Cemetery, Sangro, Chieti, Italy

+GLENNIE, John Gordon Collings
Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Lieutenant. 268966. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 20. Lieutenant Glennie was shot in the arm when he and his close friend Lawrie Franklyn-Vaile were caught in an exposed position during the Faugh’s unsuccessful attack on Salvo on 27 October. After dressing Glennie’s wound, Franklyn-Vaile was trying to get him back to the rear when Glennie was hit by machine-gun fire in the chest. Trapped by machine-gun fire, Franklyn-Vaile stayed with Glennie until he died 90 minutes later. Son of John S. and Dorothy F. Glennie, of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. Sangro River War Cemetery, Sangro, Chieti, Italy

+KELLY, John
Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Corporal. 7047789. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 34. Son of John and Charlotte Kelly, of Belfast; husband to Annie Kelly, of Belfast. Sangro River War Cemetery, Sangro, Chieti, Italy

+KNOWLES, Nathanial
Royal Artillery. Gunner.1543844. Died on 27/10/1943. Aged 30. 483 Battery, 82 Searchlight Regiment. Son of Patrick and Jemima Knowles of Belfast; Husband to Sarah Knowles of Belfast. Carnmoney Cemetery

+McCANN, George Thomas
Royal Army Service Corps, attd 174 Field Amb, Royal Army Medical Corps. Driver. T/200584. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 33. Son of William H. and Mary A. McCann, of Killough, Co. Down; husband to Mary E. McCann, of Killough. Catania War Cemetery, Sicily, Italy

+ORR, John
Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1st Bn. Fusilier. 7043573. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 35. Husband to Sarah Orr, of Belfast. Cassino Memorial, Italy

+TRINER, George
South Staffordshire Regiment, 2/6th Bn. Serjeant. 5646611. Died 27/10/1943. Aged 35. Son of James and Constance Triner, of Kidsgrove; husband to Alice Triner, of Newcastle, Co. Down. Kidsgrove Methodist Cemetery, Staffordshire,


+DOUGAN, Hampton Atkinson
Royal Army Medical Corps. Lieutenant Colonel. 127133. MC. Died 20/10/1944. Aged 29. Son of Dr. George Dougan, M.D., and Mrs. Dougan, of Portadown. Ranchi War Cemetery, India

+McLEAN, Robert
Royal Scots Fusiliers, 11th Bn. Fusilier. 14442874. Died 27/10/1944. Aged 20. Son of Robert and Mary A. McLean, of Tobermore, Co. Londonderry. Bergen-op-Zoom War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands


BRADSHAW, George Fagan
RN. Lt. Commander. DSC. Marine artist. Enrolled 15/01/1903. Born Belfast 06/12/1887.

“George Bradshaw was born in Belfast in 1887. His family had a distinguished lineage but, after an unhappy childhood, he was sent off at the age of 15 to Dartmouth for Naval training. He elected to join the fledgling Submarine Service and served as a submarine commander with distinction during the First World War, winning a D.S.O. for the sinking of U-boat UC-43, whilst in command of submarine G-13.  He also claimed to have sunk the mercantile submarine, the Bremen, sister ship of the famous Deutschland, but officially the fate of the Bremen is unknown.  However, his career in the Navy ended messily.  Just a few days after hostilities ended in November 1918, Bradshaw was in command of submarine G-11, when it was lost on the coast of Northumberland in thick fog, with the loss of two lives.  This was probably due to equipment failure, and, certainly, Bradshaw was not responsible for the loss of a further submarine under his command, K-15, in 1921, when, due to a design fault, it sank in the tidal basin at Portsmouth whilst he was on leave, but, nevertheless, he was court-martialled.” From “George Fagan Bradshaw, Submariner and Marine Artist” – by David Tovey.

After his discharge from the Navy in 1921, he settled in St Ives in order to pursue his great interest in marine painting. There he met his vivacious wife, Kathleen, at the Simpson School of Art, where he was appointed Assistant, and he became a stalwart of the art colony until his death in 1960. Husband to Katherine Marion Slattery, Salisbury, Rhodesia. Died 27/10/1960, St Ives, Cornwall. ADM196/51

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  1. Lt Col Beauchamp Butler DSO was killed while re-organising and encouraging his men during the Irish Brigade attack on the town of San Salvo. The Faughs had crossed the Trigno river under heavy fire from the Germans during which Major Dennis Dunn, OC B Coy, had been killed. Major Paddy Proctor MC, OC A Coy, was killed together with his platoon commanders when a mortar round fell among them as they planned the attack on the next ridge. It was then that the CO tried to stabilise the situation but he was hit in the head by an MG round and fell dead. The 2 i/c, Major Bala Bredin MC, was already out of action, having been wounded in training before the attack. The following morning the Faughs were ordered to withdraw, as were the London Irish Rifles. That morning also brought the death of the Rifles’ 2 i/c, Major Kevin O’Connor, killed by a German shell.
    Of the events of the night of the 27th and morning of the 28th, Brigadier Nelson Russell, commander of the Irish Brigade, wrote that it was ‘a tragedy for the whole Brigade; and the Faughs lost one of the best commanding officers they have ever had – in peace or war … gifted with a quiet sense of charm of manner [Beauchamp] was a most determined and skilful leader of troops in action. It was a heavy hearted party which saw him laid to rest in the British cemetery at Termoli to the wail of his pipes.’
    Beauchamp Butler had been commissioned in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. He was appointed DSO for his leadership of the Faughs in the campaign in Sicily.


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