November 7 – Roll of Honour


A hundred years ago this week people came together to remember the recent sacrifices of the First World War at Edwin Lutyens’ Cenotaph in Whitehall. There are 15 representatives in today’s Roll in honour of all those who died on November 7 in the World Wars

Representing their comrades who died on this day


+AVERALL, Robert J
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2nd Btn. Private. 4247. Died 07/11/1914, at the 1st Battle of Ypres. Age 22. Born on New Year’s Eve in 1891, eldest son of James and Mary Jane Averall. Robert and his father were both labourers. Robert was called up with the Reservists on 07/08/1914 and went to the front on 05/09/1914. Dungannon WM, Holdfast L.O.L. 1620, Dungannon RH

Royal Irish Rifles, 2nd Btn. Corporal. 9719. Died 07/11/1914, in Nottingham General Hospital, England, succumbed to wounds received in the trenches at Neave Chapelle. He had spent most of his boyhood in Downpatrick. Son of Colour Sergeant Major Elphick, of the South Downs, he did his training at Downpatrick before joining the 2nd battalion. He was buried with military honours. Having regard to the fact that Elphick’s home was so far away, and to meet the emergencies of the case, the Nottingham Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veteran’s Association placed a grave space at his family’s disposal. His parents Robert and Elizabeth Elphick, later lived at 143, Dunluce Avenue, Belfast.


Royal Irish Fusiliers, 2nd Btn. Private. 10608. Died 07/11/1917. Age 29. Born about 1888 in Blackwatertown, County Armagh, son of George and Ellen McGuigan. By 1911, it seems both his parents had died. John was living in Dungannon when he enlisted in Armagh. Private John McGuigan was one of three brothers who served. Henry McGuigan was serving with the Royal Irish Fusiliers when he died in France in May 1917. Gaza War Cemetery, Gaza, Egypt. Dungannon WM, Moy WM

Royal Irish Fusiliers, 2 Btn. Private. 22946. Died 07/11/1917. Born Clogher, Co. Tyrone. Gaza War Cemetery, Israel and Palestine


+SHIELDS, William Hugh
RN. Stoker 1st Class. D/KX 96853. Died 07/11/1940. Age 26. HMSValiant. A brother AB Seaman Gunner, Thomas Shields was in HMS Gurka which was bombed and sunk by German planes off Norway in April 1940. Another brother Samuel was a Leading Seaman in RN. Son of David and Mary Shields, Ferris’s Lane, Larne. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 41


+McGARVEY, George Albert
RAF Sergeant.(Wireless Op./Air Gunner). 969452. Died 07- 08/11/1941.455 Sqdn. Son of Roy Mc Garvey,13, Eveleyn Gardens, Cavehill Road, Belfast. Allied Cemetry of Saint-Trond, Belgium, and transferred to Heverlee Cemetry, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium, after the war.1942


+KILLOPS, Thomas
RN. Leading Seaman. DEMS Gunner. D/JX 204718. SS Roxby. Date of Death: 07/11/1942. Age: 29. SS Roxby, steam merchant, was attacked by U 613. Son of Robert and Anna Killops, Killyleagh. Husband to Rebecca Killops, Killyleagh. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 64. Killyleagh WM

+MORRISON, Samuel Cecil
RAFVR. Flying Officer (Pilot). 115396. Died 07/11/1942. Aged 22. 104 Sqdn. Son of Samuel and Rebecca Charlotte Morrison, of Londonderry; husband to S. Morrison. Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery.


+CARSON, Thomas Walter
RAFVR. Corporal.1306378. Died 07/11/1944. Aged 30. B.S.R.U. Son of John and Annie Carson; husband to Ellen Jane Carson, of Dunadry, Co. Antrim. Runnymede Memorial, Panel 241

+CLYDE, William
RAFVR. Sergeant (Air Gunner).1798065. Died 06/11/1944. Aged 20. Son of William and Frances Maud Clyde, of Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

+DINSMORE, Robert John
RN. Leading Telegraphist. D/JX 153254. Date of Death: 07/11/1944. Age:22. H.M. L.S.T. 420. Brother of William G (also RN).Son of Andrew and Mary Elizabeth Dinsmore, Grosvenor Rd., Londonderry; husband of H. Sybil G. Dinsmore, Derryarkin, Claudy, Co. Londonderry. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 08/12/1944). Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 88

+FOREMAN, Samuel
RN. AB. D/JX198120. HM LST420. Died 07/11/1944. Age 31. Son of Mary Foreman, Belfast. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 86

+ROSBOROUGH, John Alexander
RN. Able Seaman. D/JX 732178. Date of Death: 07/11/1944. Age: 20. HM LST 420. He joined the army in 1941 and transferred a year later to the RAF, and in July 1943 to the RN. Son of Andrew Lindsay Rosborough and Martha Rosborough, Waterside, Co. Londonderry. Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 87


RNVR. Lieutenant. Served 23/05/1942 – 05/06/1946. He was thirty when he joined HMS Venomous as one of the CW Candidates in time to escort Arctic Convoy PQ.18 to Archangel. PQ.17 had been a disaster and nerves must have been on edge as they set off for Iceland where the convoy assembled but once again their elderly worn out engine let them down and they had to turn back to Londonderry with serious boiler defects. They berthed alongside the destroyer depot ship, HMS Sandhurst, and 200 boiler tubes had to be replaced making it impossible for them to escort PQ.18. The six CW Candidates were aboard Venomous when HMS Hecla was torpedoed off North Africa on November 11 and left Venomous at Gibraltar in February 1943 to return to England for officer training. John Carson was commissioned and Sub Lt J.Carson RNVR his first posting was to LSE 1 commanded by Lt Geoffrey N Spring RNR who had been rescued by Venomous in November 1942 when his previous ship, HMS Hecla, was torpedoed. Lt Spring credited John Carson with his rescue and asked for him as one of his officers. LSE 1 had seen action off the D-Day beaches as an LST (Landing Ship Tank) but had been converted into a landing craft repair ship, an LSE. In September 1944 John Carson was promoted to lieutenant but remained on LSE 1 until 28/02/1946 when he transferred to HMS Sefton at Singapore for two months before returning to Britain and being discharged from the RNVR in August. John Carson only saw his first born child when he returned to Northern Ireland in the late summer of 1946 and resumed his career in banking. He and his wife joined the Belfast branch of the Royal Naval Mine Watching Service which manned observation points overlooking ports and strategic waterways to report mines dropped by aircraft during the war. It was based in HMS Caroline. On 10/01/1952, he became the ‘Mine Watching Service Officer’ for Belfast. Joined Head Office Northern Bank 07/04/1931 and served in several branches prior to war service. Post-war he returned to bank at Head Office.Transfers followed to Royal Avenue (1947), Antrim Road (1953), Head Office (1953), Donegall Square (1957), Knock (1963), Windsor (1963) and Randalstown (1967). Retired as manager of Carrickfergus branch. Born Co. Down, 07/11/1912. Died just before his 69th birthday in 1981. Atlantic, Africa, Burma and Italy stars. Northern Bank WM

RN. Lieut.-Commander (E). (Special Entry), 1936.  RNE College, 1937 – 40.  AMI. Mech. E.  Lieut.-Commander (E), 1948. B 24/04/1919. Son of RW Hawkesworth, Shandon Pk., Knock, Belfast. Died 07/11/1997. Campbell College 2555

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