Commissioning of HMS Prince Of Wales, December 10, 2019


Photos of commissioning of HMS Prince Of Wales and the 10 foot commissioning cake




Ten-Foot Commissioning Cake For HMS Prince Of Wales

charles_1_0Pasted Graphic

One of the scenes depicted by the cake on HMS Prince of Wales 091219 CREDIT BFBS

The cake depicted a wide variety of scenes on HMS Prince of Wales.

The 240 officers and sailors of HMS Prince of Wales’ company have been recreated with Regal Icing on a ceremonial cake which was prepared for the commissioning of the aircraft carrier at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth on Tuesday.

Two-hundred-and-forty of HMS Prince of Wales’ sailors and officers were recreated on top of the icing.

The idea originated from Warrant Officer 1 John Boreham, the top man when it comes to naval cake baking.

His vision was to have a cake with more than just a picture of a ship on it.

Speaking of the cake, he said:
“My cakes, my sort of theme, is always the people. I like to reflect the character that’s inside the ship.”

The bases are made of a rich fruit cake and will be distributed on Families Day.

Some of the ship’s company have taken the opportunity to learn from the artwork, like Able Seaman Rhys Ward.

“It just takes your mind off stress, it’s quite relaxing to do it.”

John will return in the New Year to give some baking masterclasses to more of the galley teams.

A major practical challenge was to ensure the 10-ft cake got from the mess to the flight hangar intact for the ceremony.


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