January 03 – Roll of Honour


RSM Paul Dockrell of 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, with Zephyr, a female bald eagle adopted by the Army Air Corps at their HQ in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, as its first mascot in 2011. In today’s Roll of Honour a Belfast submariner lost in 1918, a Derry seaman who was at Jutland and survived the war, and the RN Officer who recovered the Enigma machine.

Representing their comrades who died on this day


+SMYTH, Matthew
Royal Irish Rifles, 9th Btn. (West Belfast Volunteers). Rifleman. 9/15906.Died 03/01/1916. Aged 34. Formerley employed by J & E Hall, Queen’s Rd., Belfast. Member of the Orange Order and the Royal Black Preceptory. Survived by his wife and four children, 5 Gardiner St., Belfast. Sucrerie Cemetery Colincamps, Somme, France

+YOUNG, James
Royal Irish Rifles, 9th Btn. (West Belfast Volunteers). Corporal. 13929. Died 03/01/1916. Aged 38. Lieut. John H Berry of D Company in a letter stated he had been in action that morning and was shot by a sniper, and died almost instantly. Worked pre-war as a plater in Workman & Clark. Member of Ashley Temperance LOL. Left a wife and daughter, 30 Glencollyer St., Belfast. Sucrerie Cemetery Colincamps, Somme, France

+McCARTNEY, Daniel
RN. Leading Stoker. K/3632. HM Submarine G8. Died 03/01/1918. Age 26. Loss of vessel in North Sea. Born Belfast. Son of Daniel and Margaret McCartney, Wigton St., Belfast. Chatham Naval Memorial, Panel 29


Royal Irish Rifles. Depot. Lance Corporal.1214. Died 03/01/1919. Aged 20. Son of William Scott, of Ballyward, Banbridge. Ballyroney Presbyterian Churchyard, County Down


+DAWSON, George
RN. Able Seaman. C/JX 334601. M.V. British Vigilance. Died 03/01/1943. Aged 21. Son of Richard and Mary A. Dawson, Lurgan. Chatham Naval Memorial Panel 68. Lurgan WM


+McLAUGHLIN, Edward Colhoun
RAFVR. Sergeant. 2204122. Died 03/01/1944. Aged 20. 100 Sqdn. 
Son of Edward and Jennie McLaughlin, of Ballyronan, Co. Londonderry Runnymede Memorial, Panel 233.


+NAPIER, William
Royal Army Medical Corps. Major. Mentioned in Despatches 1914-18.100465. Died 03/01/1945. Aged 49. M.B., B.Ch., F.R.C.S., B.A.O. Son of Alexander and Hester Napier; husband to Katherine Margaret Napier. Ballee C of I Churchyard, County Down. QUB WM


On This Day in 2015 Lt Cdr David Balme dies aged 95. In 1941 as a Sub Lieutenant he led a boarding party from HMS Bulldog to U-110 where he retrieved the first Enigma coding machine and documents that enabled the allies to begin reading German Radio messages, a turning point in WW2
BAILLIE, John Strachan
RN. Writer III. M18286. Enrolled 03/01/1916 for hostilities. War service in Pembroke, Eurasia and Egmont until 05/10/1917. Born Belfast 28/07/1896. ADM 188/1054/18286

CAMPBELL, John Morton
RN. AB. J51521. Boy service. Enrolled 11/04/1918 for 12 years. Served to 03/01/1927. War service in Impregnable, Neptune, Vivid I and Greenwich. Born Belfast 11/04/1900. ADM 188/750/51521

RN. AB. 221834. HMS Valiant. Jutland. Boy service from 07/08/1902. Enrolled 30/04/1905 for 12 years. Served in Vivid, Valiant (13/01/1916 – 01/10/1916) and Adventure. Served to 03/01/1919. Born Londonderry 30/04/1887. ADM 188/390/221834

DARRAGH, James Alexander
RN. Stoker I. SS109487. Enrolled 28/12/1909 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Newcastle, Dido, Pembroke II, Arethusa, Anemone and Swiftsure. Invalided 03/01/1917. Born Belfast 15/07/1891. ADM 188/1115/109487

FLEMING, William
RN. Stoker First Class. 305532. Enrolled 21/12/1903 for 12 years. Re-engaged 21/12/1915. Served to 03/01/1926. War service in Vivid. Born Belfast 19/04/1882. ADM 188/498/305532

JOHNSTON, Philip Moore
RND. RNAS. RNVR Sub-Lieutenant. Enlisted 03/01/1916. Taken on strength of Officers’ Camp, Blandford 19/05/1916. Transferred to RNAS. Son of Philip Johnston, Coolen, Sydenham Avenue., Belfast. ADM339

McLAUGHLIN, Francis Hugh
RN. Chief Yeoman Signals. 230121. Boy service from 10/03/1904. Enrolled 18/08/1904 for 12 years. Re-engaged 18/08/1916. Served to 03/01/1923. War service in New Zealand and Vivid I. Born Omagh 18/05/1886. ADM 188/407/230121

STEWART, William
K17454. Born Belfast 03/01/1895. ADM 188/901/17454

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