February 27 – Roll of Honour

Snow across the Silent Cities on the Somme. A Rifleman from Belfast was executed on this day in 1916. Three men lost on HMS Jupiter in 1942 are remembered along with two veterans of WW1, both QUB.

Representing their comrades who died on this day


+CAREY, Rondaine Tristram
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 11th Btn. Private.17359, Died 27/02/1915 in Ballymena Workhouse Infirmary of measles. Aged 19. Born in Liverpool. Son of Henry Stevenson and Wilhelmina Margretta Carey. Ballymena New Cemetery


Royal Irish Rifles, 9th Btn. Private. 14218. Executed on Sunday 27/02/1916. Aged 18. Son of Mrs. Elizabeth Crozier, 80 Battenberg Street, Belfast.


+BROOKS, Robert
Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2nd Btn. Private. 3356. Died 27/02/1918. He enlisted in Enniskillen. Born at Knowehead, Broughshane 07/11/1891. Son of John and Margaret Brooks. Husband to Margaret, 53, Hooker Street, Crumlin Road, Belfast. Poelcapelle British Cemetery, Belgium.

1942                                                 HMS JUPITER

On 17/01/1942, HMS Jupiter (Lt. Cdr. Norman Vivian Joseph Thompson Thew, RN), sank the Japanese submarine I-90. The ship engaged in the Battle of the Java Sea until its sinking on 27/02/1942. Jupiter struck a mine laid earlier that day by Dutch Minelayer HNLMS Gouden Leeuw. HMS Jupiter went down at 2116hrs, a few miles off the north coast of Java. At first, authorities thought the explosion was due to an attack from a Japanese torpedo. Jupiter took around 4 hours to go down with the loss of 84 crew members. Many reached shore only to become prisoners of war.

+GRAHAM, Thomas
RN. Stoker 1st Class. D/KX 90729. Died 27/02/1942. Age 24. HMS Jupiter. Ten year’s service. Son of John and Mary Graham, White St., Belfast; husband to Mary Graham, Annette St., Belfast. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 14/12/1945). Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 70

+HAGAN, William James
RN. Able Seaman. D/SSX 29020. Died 27/02/1942. Age 21. HMS Jupiter. Posted as missing after the Battle of Java. He had also served in the Battle of Narvik. He joined up in March 1939. His father served in WW1. Son of William James and Alice Jane Hagan, Belfast; husband to Gladys Hagan, Pernau St., Belfast. (Belfast Weekly Telegraph 03/04/1942 and 14/12/1945). Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 65.

RN. Able Seaman. D/SSX 17378. Died 27/02/1942. Age 28. HMS Jupiter. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGuckin, Ballinderry Bridge, Cookstown. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 65. Family headstone in Ballinderry Roman Catholic Cemetery. Cookstown WM.


+BECK, John
Royal Ulster Rifles, 2nd Btn. Rifleman. 7019095. Died 27/02/1945. Aged 21. Son of John and Esther Beck of Banbridge; husband to Dorothy V. Beck, of Bingley, Yorkshire. Rheinberg War Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

+ROBINSON, William
RAF. Aircraftman 1st Class. 619990. Died 27/02/1947. Aged 41. Son of Jack and Margaret Robinson, of Lurgan; husband to Catherine Elizabeth Robinson, of Lurgan. Lurgantarry (St Colman’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery, County Armagh


EMERSON, Charles Ernest
RNAS. Sub.-Lieut. B 27/02/1896, son of Mrs. R. Emerson, Tandragee, Co. Armagh. Campbell College 1134.  Medicine QUB 1930.

LYONS, Beattie
RAMC. Captain. QUB MB 1914. BCh MD 1922. In France from 27/02/1916. Born in 1893. Son of William Lyons, Carniorig, Forest East, Tyrone


27/02/1917 – British raiders seriously damage three lines of enemy trenches east of Armentieres and take 17 prisoners.

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