April 14 – Roll of Honour

On this day in 1942 HM Submarine Upholder was lost with all hands off Tripoli. Two submariners from Northern Ireland served in Upholder during the war. They were Lieutenant Henry Walmisley of Kilkeel and the legendary Admiral Arthur Hezlett (above) from Aghadowey who in retirement with his wife sailed from Coleraine in a self-built motor-sailer which was equipped to lower masts and motor via the French canals to the Mediterranean.

Representing their comrades who died on this day


+MacLARAN, Frank Nairne
9th Gurkha Rifles, 1st Bn. Captain. Died 14/04/1916. Aged 33. He was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Francis Blayney Maclaran and the husband of Grace Edith Maclaran, nee Savage. She remarried and became Mrs. Edith R. Casement, of Rarkmoyle, Cushendall, Co. Antrim. Basra Memorial.

+McBURNEY, Thomas
Royal Irish Rifles, 11th Btn. (South Antrims). Corporal. 11/19633. Died 14/04/1916. He was born on the 15/07/1889 at Kilknock, Drummaul and lived at Muckrim. He was the son of farmer and widower John McBride, Muckrim, Duneane and Ellen Nicholl, Kilknock, Drummaul, two townlands close to Randalstown. The pair had married in 2nd Ahoghill Presbyterian Church (Trinity) on the19/01/1889. St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen. Grange Presbyterian Church.


+BOWMAN, Joseph
Gordon Highlanders, 1/6 Btn. Private. 285001. Died 14/04/1917. Aged 21. Son of Joseph and Bessie Bowman. He was born about 1896 in Dalmuir, Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Joseph’s parents moved to Drumrainey, Magherafelt. Joseph’s younger brother Andrew also died in the war. He too served with the Gordon Highlanders. Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France


+BELL, Edward.
Royal Garrison Artillery, 130 Heavy Battery. Gunner. 68653. Died 14/04/1918. Born in Moira, Co. Down, he enlisted at Hammersmith, Middlesex. Husband to Mrs. E. Bell of 54 Cambridge Row, Hammersmith, London. Namps-Au-Val British Cemetery, Somme, France

+GRAHAM, Corporal Thomas.
Royal Irish Rifles,12th Btn, B Company. Corporal.17756. Died 14/04/1918. Age 22. Born in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, he lived at Dunmurry, enlisted at Lisburn, and may have embarked for France from Bordon Camp as a riflemen in 11 RIR in October 1915. Son of William and Mary Jane Graham of 12 Milfort Avenue, Dunmurry, and brother of William George Graham who also served. Wulverghem-Lindenhoek Road Military Cemetery, Belgium

Rifle Brigade. 13th Btn. Private. S/16637. Died 14/04/1918. Age 42. Enlisted London. Born Mayo, Queens Co. Son of William & Mrs. Hamilton, Blackhill, Aghadowey. Husband to Maude G. Hamilton, Hampstead, Middx. Euston Road Cemetery. Commemorated in Killaig Presbyterian Church

Irish Guards. 2nd Btn. Irish Guards. Private. 3586. Died 14/04/1918. Born Dunboe. Lived Walton. Enlisted Glasgow. Aval Wood Military Cemetery, Vieux-Berquin


+FLYNN, James Kevin
RAF. Flying Officer (Pilot).42462. Died 14/04/1941. Aged 26. 1 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit. B.A. 1937, QUB. Son of Edward and Margaret Flynn; husband to Norah F. Flynn, of Armagh. Flushing (Vlissingen) Northern Cemetery, Zeeland, Netherlands. QUB WM

+KING, Thomas Alford
Royal Artillery. 9 HAA. Regt. 24 Bty. Serjeant.1450483. Mentioned in Despatches. Died 14/04/1941. Aged 29. Husband of M. J. King, of Waterside, Londonderry. Asmara War Cemetery, Eritrea


+BUCHANAN, James Gilliam
RAFVR. Leading Aircraftman. 1395301. Died 14/04/1943. Aged 19. QUB RAFPE 1941-42. Son of Francis Henry Theodore and Gwendolen May Isobel Buchanan, of Totland Bay, Isle of Wight. Mesa City Cemetery, Arizona, USA. QUB RH

+McNUTT, Andrew
RN. Sick Berth Attendant. D/MX 73225. Date of Death: 14/04/1943. Age: 26. H.M.S. Tynedale. Son of David and Annie McNutt, Londonderry. Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 83


ALLEN, John Alexander
RN. Stoker I. SS100717. Enrolled 19/04/1904 for 5 and 7 years. Joined RFR 24/04/1909. Served 05/08/1914 – 14/04/1923. War service in Hawke (05/08/1914 – 15/10/1914. Survivor), Pembroke II, Wallaroos, Astraea and Aquitainia. Born Markethill 11/01/1886. ADM 188/1106/100717

RN. Seaman. J67982. Enrolled 10/03/1917 for hostilities. Served in Vivid I, Alsatian and Eagle. Demobbed 03/02/1919. Born Dromore, Co. Down, 14/04/1895. ADM 188/782/67982

BOYLES, Thomas Smyth
RN. Stoker. K30123. Enrolled 17/12/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 14/04/1919. Served in Pembroke and Geranium. Born Belfast 20/09/1893. Glenfarne Street, Belfast. Agnes Street – Presbyterian Church RH. ADM 188/927/30123

BROWN, William
RN. Leading Seaman. 211762. Enrolled 15/05/1903 for 12 years. Re-engaged 15/05/1915. War service in Leander, Vivid and Fox. Served to 14/04/1920. Born Belfast 15/05/1885. ADM 188/370/211762

COBURN, Samuel Henry
RN. Stoker I. 312506. Enrolled 30/12/1907 for 12 years. War service in Africa, Pembroke II and Bacchante. Invalided 25/02/1920. Born Belfast 14/04/1887. ADM 188/512/312506

CRAVEN, Patrick
RND. RNVR. AB. R/1787. Army reserve 02/03/1916. RNVR for RND 15/06/1917. Anson Battalion 16/06/1917. Anson Battalion BEF 22/10/1917. Born 14/04/1890. Monghan Row, Newry. ADM339

GORDON, Archibald Robb
AB. J33764. HMS Valiant Jutland. Enrolled 14/04/1904 for 12 years. War service in Impregnable, Vivid II, and Valiant (13/01/1916 – 17/07/1917). Passed Petty Officer education 15/03/1917. Born Belfast 27/02/1898. ADM 188/714/33764

HANSON, Robert
RN. Stoker I. K32307. Enrolled 14/04/1916 for hostilities. In Pembroke II, Greenwich (Offa) and Victory. Demobbed 10/02/1919. Born Castledawson 01/02/1889. ADM 188/931/32307

MACAULAY, William John
RN. Ship’s Cook. M12924.Enrolled 14/04/1915 for hostilities. In Pembroke and Prince Rupert. Demobbed 29/02/1919. Born Belfast 15/05/1878. ADM 188/1043/12924

MACKEY, Joseph
RN. Stoker I. SS104948. Enrolled 11/04/1907 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 13/04/1912. Joined RFR 14/04/1912. Served from 13/08/1914. War service in Hannibal, Pembroke II, Dido, Fearless, Hecla, Diligence and Woolwich. Born Belfast 01/04/1898. ADM 188/1110/104948

McCARTNEY, William Martin
RN. Stoker I. SS114267. Enrolled 14/06/1913 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Collingwood, Marlborough, Actaeon I, Pembroke II and Woolwich. Demobbed 27/03/1919. Joined RFR 28/03/1919. Born Belfast 14/04/1895. ADM 188/1120/114267

RN. Stoker I. SS100541. Enrolled 22/02/1904 for 5 and 7 years. Served to 21/02/1909. Joined RFR 22/02/1909. Served 02/08/1914 – 14/04/1921. Pembroke II, Sutlej, and Earl of Peterborough. Born Belfast 11/08/1885. ADM 188/1106/100541

RN. AB. SS5874. Enrolled 26/05/1915 for 5 and 7 years. War service in Vivid I, Duke of Edinburgh and Dido. Demobbed 26/05/1920. Joined RFR 27/05/1920. Born Newry 14/04/1897. ADM 188/1099/5874

McGUAN, James
RN. Stoker I. K42275. Enrolled 14/04/1917 for hostilities. Pembroke II, Royal Oak and Gibraltar. Demobbed 17/09/1919. Born Portaferry 11/02/1899. ADM 188/951/42275

RN. AB. 221783. HMS Colossus. Jutland. Enrolled 14/04/1903 for 12 years. Re-engaged 14/04/1915. Served to 08/01/1924. In Colossus 25/11/1913 – 02/02/1919. Born Newcastle, 14/04/1885. ADM 188/390/221783

SHIELDS, Michael
Rn. Stoker I. K25320. HMS Vanguard. Jutland. Enrolled 14/04/1915 for hostilities. Demobbed 01/06/1919. War service in Pembroke, Vanguard (09/07/1915 – 27/02/1917), and Dido. Born Belfast 29/10/1892. ADM


NI submariners had served in Upholder  – lost this day 1942

On this day in 1942 HM Submarine Upholder was lost with all hands (32 crew) off Tripoli on or around this date, possibly mined, or depth-charged by Italian convoy escorts.
Two submariners from Northern Ireland served in Upholder during the war.

They were Lieutenant Henry Walmisley of Kilkeel and the legendary Admiral Arthur Hezlett (above) from Aghadowey.

Lieutenant Henry Walmisley, RNVR, died on HM Submarine Tetrarch off Sicily. Age 27.
After a period of intense action, Lt. Walmsley was hitching a lift from Malta to the UK on the submarine Tetrarch. Mentioned in Despatches (posthumously), London Gazette 07/04/1942, he had completed seventeen Central Mediterranean War Patrols with HM Ships Unbeaten, Upholder and Ursula. Torpedoed three large escorted Italian transports off Tripoli 18/09/1941. Sank the Italian Torpedo Boat Albatross off Cape Rascolmo, north Sicily on 27/09/1941.

Tetrarch sailed from Alexandria on 17/10/1941 for Malta to adjust complement before proceeding to refit in USA. The submarine arrived at Malta on 24/10/1941, and left again on 26/10/1941 at 1700. Routing instructions were communicated from Gibraltar by the Flag Officer Commanding North Atlantic on the afternoon of 25th and also requested that she report her position, course and speed. Tetrarch did not respond and was never seen again. The loss cannot be ascribed to any known enemy anti- submarine attacks, and it was assumed that mining was the most likely cause of her loss beyond the Sicilian Channel off Cavioli island. Son of James Charles and Margaret Walmsley, Kilkeel. Valetta WM.

Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur Hezlet, KBE, CB, DSO and Bar, DSC, Legion of Merit (United States) was a submarine ace.

He was appointed the Royal Navy’s youngest captain at 36 and its youngest admiral at 45. In 1941 he was sent as relief commanding officer in the “Fighting” 10th Submarine Flotilla based at Malta, where he took over command of Upholder from Lieutenant David Wanklyn, VC, for what was to be his only uneventful patrol.

Hezlet then took temporary command of Unique, the sole survivor of three submarines sent to patrol the shallow waters off Tunisia which attacked a convoy bound for North Africa. He sank the 11,400-ton troopship Esperia, but was counter-attacked and, not knowing that Unique was leaking fuel from an external tank which gave away his position, he was bombed repeatedly by an Italian flying boat. Nevertheless, he survived and after only nine days in command was awarded the DSC for his courage and skill.


The Titanic collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean, and sank.
1,514 people – or 68% of those on board – died as a result.
The ship had been built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast, and made its last call in Cobh.


36th (Ulster) Division – Relief of the 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers by the 10th Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers in the G2 sector at Thiepval Wood. 11th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers were relived by the 14th Royal Irish Rifles on the Hamel sector


The British capture Vimy Station, Lievin, and Cite St. Pierre (Lens).


The German Minesweeper M6 sinks Royal Navy submarine Tarpon.
British and French troops land at Namsos near Narvik to assist Norwegians against a German invasion.


In 1941 the German Afrika Korps second attack against Tobruk failed. The besieged town of Tobruk, in Libya, held out against German attacks until December 1941 when the siege was lifted. The mostly Australian garrison withstood eight months of tank attacks, artillery bombardments, and daily attacks by Italian and German planes. This group of enginers fitted their underground “accommodation” with air vent funnels taken off sunken ships in the harbour.

Germans break through the new Greek frontline. The Greek Army of Epirus withdraws from Albania.
Yugoslavian government escape to Athens.
Kaiser shipyards in Richmond, California lay keel for its first liberty ship, the Ocean Vanguard; 747 ships will be built in Richmond.

HM Submarine Upholder was lost with all hands (32 crew) off Tripoli on or around this date, possibly mined, or depth-charged by Italian convoy escorts.

Laval returns to power in Vichy as the ‘Chief of Government with special powers’. Thirty-five hostages shot in Paris.

Off North Carolina, the destroyer USS Roper sinks U-85 in first US naval victory over a German U-boat, all 46 onboard killed.
British destroy Yenangyaung oil fields in Burma as Japanese advance.

Stalin’s son, Yakov Dzhugashvili, dies as a prisoner of war of the Germans.
The Russian 14th Army repulses a German attack to the Southeast of Leningrad.
Lieutenant General William J. Slim takes over command in Arakan.

First transports of Jews from Athens to Auschwitz, totaling 5,200 persons.
At Bombay, India, British ammunition ship Fort Stikine explodes, killing 1300, and destroying 27 ships.
Chinese launch offensive across the border into Burma.

2 London Irish, 38th (Irish) Division, Italy – The Kangaroo Army was to secure crossings over the Conselice Canal &, if possible, exploit to the River Reno.
Early on the 14th, before dawn, patrols from E Company were feeling their way up through Lavezzola towards the River Reno.
At first light, they were followed by the armour in two columns.The whole area was heavily mined and the Reno was reached at 0940 hours, about 30 prisoners having been taken.
Died on this Day:
Lance Sergeant Leslie Caines

George S. Patton was promoted to the rank of US general

The city of Arnhem is liberated by the 49th British Infantry Division, supported by Canadian armour, the RAF and the Royal Navy. A previous attempt to liberate Arnhem in September 1944, Operation Market Garden was defeated, primarily due to poor planning
U.S. troops split the Ruhr Pocket in two at Hagen.
US Fifth Army launches the final offensive in Italy, toward the Po Valley.
US Third Army takes Bayreuth, Germany.
Glider troops capture the ex-German Chancellor von Papen at a hunting-lodge near Stockhausen along with three generals.
The French launch a final assault on the trapped German garrison at Bordeaux.
The British Second Army reaches the outskirts of Bremen, while the US Third Army captures Gera and Bayreuth.
The Canadian First Army assumes military control of the Netherlands where German forces are now trapped in the Atlantic wall fortifications along the coastline.

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