June 18 – Banker joins Gunners. Airborne D-Day Padres. Roll of Honour

George Johnston left banking in Dungannon for UK, Egypt, Italy, and Greece with the Gunners. Meet two D-Day airborne padres from Fermanagh and the Coldstream Guards Musical Director from Annalong.


One Comment on “June 18 – Banker joins Gunners. Airborne D-Day Padres. Roll of Honour

  1. The Faughs operating with 56th Reconnaissance for a period from this day in 1944 was a happy arrangement as the CO of 56 Recce was Kendal Chavasse DSO* MiD, a Faugh, commissioned on the same day in August 1924 as Pat Scott, commander of 38 (Irish) Brigade.
    Major James Causley Windram, Coldstream Guards, was one of the 124 killed on this day when a V-1 fell on the Guards Chapel in Birdcage Walk during a service.
    George Nolan Johnston joined an AA regiment that had three Heavy and two Light batteries. This was 102nd AA Regiment, raised in August 1939 and the first full unit of the TA ever raised in Northern Ireland. The two LAA batteries were later detached to form 66th LAA Regiment, in which Blair Mayne also served.
    Each of the two Supplementary Reserve AA regiments, 8th and 9th, had a light battery, 5 for the former and 6 for the latter, although 5 LAA Bty was deployed with 9th to Egypt and 6 LAA Bty never served with either regiment. On 1 June 1940 the two regiments were redesignated as HAA regiments. They had been given the titles ‘Belfast’ and ‘Londonderry’ on 8 May 1940.
    The troopship SS Tegelberg had also carried 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers to North Africa for Op. TORCH in December 1942 but had been involved in a collision en route.


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