August 22 – VJ tribute to Chindit Memorial. Roll of Honour

NI men from Lisburn, Liverpool, Manchester, and New Zealand fall in Gallipoli in 1915. Norman Patton a Royal Navy bomb disposal officer from Bangor died in 1918 salvaging a German torpedo. Eric Johnston from Newcastle, a major in Royal Ulster Rifles, died at Deauville in the 1944 advance. William Moore whose wife was from Coleraine served with the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and was buried at Ottawa.


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  1. 1490086 Gnr Michael McCartney was originally a member of 24 Bty of 9th (Londonderry) HAA Regiment RA (SR). After its arrival in Alexandria in November 1939, 9th Regiment took over the AA defence of Alexandria harbour (HMS Nile) and the FAA aerodrome at Dekheila (HMS Grebe). It also took under command an AA battery of Royal Marine Artillery and 20 AA Battery which was unregimented at the time. Later 5 HAA Bty Royal Malta Artillery also came under command of 9th Regiment.
    Following the decision to send a British force to Greece, 20 HAA Battery was designated as part of that force. It was reinforced from 8 to 12 guns and volunteers were called for from 24 and 26 HAA Batteries (25 HAA Battery was in Sudan) as a result of which 34 gunners from those batteries transferred to 20 Bty. They served in Greece, were evacuated to Crete and then from Crete to Alexandria where they were accommodated in Londonderry Camp. Many of them made the journey back to Alexandria on board HMS Ajax, of River Plate fame. Michael McCartney was one who didn’t return.
    Gunner Michael McCartney is commemorated on the 9th Regiment Memorial in St Columb’s Cathedral, Londonderry.


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