September 9 – Lawyer was outstanding MTB Flotilla Commander. Roll of Honour

George Lennox Cotton DSC was wounded in WW2 leading his flotilla in the English Channel. 1916 dominates today’s Roll due to the cost to Irish Rifles, Irish Fusiliers and Inniskilling Fusiliers. Dr. Robert Marshall served as a medical officer in WW1. His son also an MO died in Burma after the loss of Singapore in WW2. Dr. and Mrs. Marshall bequeathed a room in his memory in the QUB medical library.



  1. I had the honour of getting to know Lennox Cotton as a as solicitor he was excellent company and rarely to his war service
    His solicitors practice was in Linenhall Street.
    He employed one of his ex naval colleagues (Jack)as a clerk who always referred to him as the Commander


    1. Tom – Good to hear from you. Confession – I seldom reply to comments here! I didn’t know Lennox but got to know his brother a former Gunner. Lovely person who are possibly extremely rare today. Hoping things are well with you and yours. I have enjoyed retirement. Houston


      1. Thank you. Im well.
        A possible entry.
        My uncle. Captain acting Major William Stockman Cushway killed in action in Malaya 19th September 1953
        He was to the son of Kathleen Stockman and RSM RA
        Thomas Cushway
        He was educated at Glenwood Primary School on the Shankill Road Belfast and Wooiwich Military Academy
        He is buried in the Military Cemetary outside Singapore and is listed at the National Arboretum
        Lest we forget


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