October 5 – From battlefied to pulpit. Roll of Honour

On 5th Oct 1943, the Irish Brigade embarked on a “peaceful” Italian cruise from Barletta to Termoli where they landed under artillery fire – 61 days later, they would be relieved by Canadian forces at the Moro River. The veteran remembered today was awarded a Military Cross serving with Royal Irish Rifles. After the war he became a Presbyterian minister, serving in Randalstown and with other congregations. Photo – V Beach cemetery, Helles, Gallipoli.


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  1. Of the three men who commanded the Faughs’ LCIs en route to Termoli, Lt Col Beauchamp Butler DSO, Major Paddy Proctor & Major Tommy Wood, none survived to see the relief of 78th Division by 1st Canadian Division before the Moro river crossing. Paddy Proctor earned the MC during the seizure of the San Giacomo ridge overlooking Termoli but was killed, as were all his platoon commanders, by a mortar bomb that fell among them as he held an O Group for the attack on the final ridge before San Salvo on the night of 27 October. It was on that same night that Beauchamp Butler was killed as he was encouraging his troops in the attack. Tommy Wood MC was killed during the crossing of the Feltrino river at the beginning of December.
    Beauchamp Butler, commissioned in the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, was married in Clogher Cathedral before the war. He was described by Brigadier Nelson Russell, commanding the Irish Brigade, as ‘one of the best commanding officers’ the Faughs had ever had. The level of that compliment may be gauged by the fact that Nelson Russell was also a Faugh.


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