October 28. Ulster Riflemen and their Canadian comrades. Roll of Honour

Today is the anniversary of the founding regiment of the Royal Marines. The majority of men in today’s Roll served with the Royal Ulster Rifles, 2nd Btn. The London Irish Rifles. Among them were Alfred Glass from Belfast, James Johnston from Glarryford, and James King from Moira. They rest in a Canadian War Cemetery in Italy. Matthew Gibson from Belfast won two Military Crosses in WW1. Be inspired by the citations of his actions.

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  1. The North Irish Horse was not the only British regiment to be granted the distinction of wearing the Maple Leaf. The award was made specifically for the support given to 1st Canadian Division in Op. CHESTERFIELD, the battle to breach the Senger (or Hitler) Line in which the Horse and 51st (Leeds Rifles) Royal Tank Regiment provided the armour support for the Canadian infantry. Both regiments were given the award which was also awarded to the third regiment of 25 Tank Brigade, 142nd Regiment RAC. The Leeds Rifles’ Maple Leaf was still being worn by a successor TA infantry unit until 2006. Incidentally, the commander of 25 Tank Brigade, Brigadier John Noel Tetley, of the Yorkshire brewing family, is believed to be the only TA officer of the RAC to have held an active service command during the SWW.


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