November 2. Sailors in the trenches Part 2. Roll of Honour

The second part of Sailors in the Trenches covers the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign and the major actions in Europe. One of the most distinctive actions of the RN Division was on November 13, 1916 at Beaucourt when 12,000 sailors went over the top and in two days in winter went further and took more prisoners than the army had done in a day. Alex Morrison was awarded the Military Medal. Former MCB student, William Maxwell, a Colonel in the RM Marine was mentioned in despatches. He died in action in the Dardanelles. Henry McGowan of Portsteward forged his age to enlist. He died in action aged 17. Londonderry was represented. James Heaney re-enlisted to serve. He and Thomas Mills are named on the Helles Memorial, Gallipoli. Both veterans today are from Portstewart.

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