November 24. HMS Dunedin. Midland Memorial. Roll of Honour

Belfast, Newry, Upperlands and Limavady were united in loss when the light cruiser HMS Dunedin was torpedoed in the South Atlantic in 1941. Eric Bowman of Bangor, formerley of 502 Squadron, died in the RAFVR on the same day. His brother Geoffrey, also RAFVR, would die three years later in 1944. A Great War Memorial was dedicated at York Street railway station Belfast this day in 1921.

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  1. Rommel’s ‘dash to the wire’ on 24 November 1941, the day he took personal command of Afrikakorps, was the act of a man who, wrongly, thought that the crisis had passed as he wrote to his wife on the 23rd. One of his biographers, Ronald Lewin, has described his attack as his most controversial act ever.
    Although Rommel caught formations and units off balance and there were reports coming into HQ Eighth Army that smacked of panic, there was none at all at Army HQ where General Sir Claude Auchinleck, CinC Middle East, issued a detailed instruction to ‘attack the enemy relentlessly using all your resources even to the last tank’ and reminding the Army commander, Lt Gen. Alan Cunningham, that his ‘main immediate objective was to destroy the enemy tank forces’ with his ultimate objective the conquest of Cyrenaica followed by an advance on Tripoli. At the time of Rommel’s advance, Cunningham had been at Maddalena visiting 7th Armoured Division HQ.


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