January 1. Belfast Mayor’s grandson lost in HMS Formidable. Roll of Honour

Sir Edward Coey – Mayor of Belfast and Philanthropist 1805 – 1887 lived in Merville House at Whitehouse. The Coey family were well-known benefactors of local causes. The family endowed Larne Grammar School and Sinclair Seaman’s Mission Church in Belfast. Sir Edward’s grandson John was one of six from Northern Ireland to be lost in HMS Formidable on New Year’s Day, 1915. In 1917 Skeffington Graham from Dunmurry died as a POW in Turkey where he served with the Naval Air Service’s Armoured Car Division. Edward McLaughlin from Ballyronan flew numerous missions over Germany until his loss in 1944. For New Year inspiration read Veteran James Majury’s actions with the North Irish Horse in WW1.

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