12 May. Start of final assault on Monte Cassino. Roll of Honour

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the final successful attack involving 38 (Irish) Brigade on Monte Cassino in 1944 which opens the way for the liberation of Italy in WW2. John Gilmore from Killyleagh was lost in HMS Grove in 1942. He had been torpedoed twice and taken part in the Dunkirk evacuation. His younger brother was also in the RN. Local newspapers in 1915 report on major army events in Belfast and a march from Finner Camp via Strabane to Londonderry. Veterans today include George McCalister from Bangor, a former Chairman of the Burma Star Association’s Belfast Branch, who survived an air crash in the jungle.

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  1. I heard my father say he was at Monte Cassino second 2ww He was in the skins , he came home after the war and but from what I gather it was a terrible place , it had a effect upon him all his life . He told the story off bombing all night and days and as a young fellow he got down on his knees and cried to God to silence the big German guns and he said in a short space of time all was quiet,
    After the war when home in coleraine he heard men preaching on the streets of the town about people needing forgiveness of sins and that god can do this because his son died on the cross that sinners who repent and believe on him will be saved . He went home to his little house and that night he and his wife got down on their knees and trusted the lord Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and there and then they had peace with god . There life changed there and then and they both now are in heaven, and it all started when thoughts of god in a trench at Monte Cassino, His name was james Kennedy dob. 11march 1922 died 10 July 2000


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