July 16 – Death of last Tsar. Advent of nuclear bomb. Roll of Honour

This day in 1918 the Russian Royal Family was murdered and the parishes of Carrickfergus and Castledawson were linked by the loss of Henry Chamberlain, an RNR officer in a minesweeper, whose father had served as Rector of both parishes. His brother in law, Rev CG Manning, served as an army chaplain being awarded the Military Cross. On the same day Maurice English a 20 year old Navy pilot from Londonderry, died when his plane was shot down over West Flanders, Belgium. James Barlowe from Craigavad, having survived the war was admitted to hospital in France in 1919 suffering from mild influenza. He was discharged and unfortunately on his way home he was taken ill again. He died of tuberculosis at his home. In 1940 William Hanna, a submariner from Belfast, was lost in HMS Phoenix when the ship was torpeoded in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1945 The United States detonates history’s first nuclear weapon and 21 days later Hiroshima is targetted. Photo – Caterpillar Valley Cemetery on the Somme.

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