November 3. First NI submariner dies in WW1. Roll of Honour

Fred Bradley from Moy was lost in HM Submarine D5 in 1914. His is the sad distinction of being the first submariner from NI to be lost in the war. The record for Denis Kane who died in a flying boat off Norway in 1939 reflects his family’s interests from the governance of the Solomon Islands to the Orange Order. On this Day in 1943 and the Roll of Honour reflects the cost the Irish Brigade was paying in the liberation of Italy. Captain Percy Hamilton wrote on the day, “The Skins did magnificently but they lost some outstanding chaps”. Amongst them were George Barnes from Maguiresbridge, Alex Jeffers from Coagh, and Robert McKimm from Belfast. They are remembered at the Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy. Today’s Roll concludes with the third part of the Roll of Honour of the Royal Naval Division in WW1, many of whom fought in Gallipoli and Europe.

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