November 5. Lord Annesley RN fought in air and on land. Roll of Honour

Lord Annesley of Castlewellan serving with the Royal Naval Service Armoured Car Division saw at first hand the allies failed attempt to defend Antwerp after being forced to retreat from Ypres and Mons. A naval aviator, he was last seen alive on 06/11/1914 leaving England in a biplane for France. James Gaston MC, a medical officer from Cloughmills, and Elizabeth Watson a QA nurse from Dromore died on this day in 1918. In 1940, Richard Curry, a naval signalman, was lost in a battle with German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer. Charles Milnes-Gaskell, a special forces SOE Liaison Officer with the Russian N.K.V.D. was lost in an air crash returning from Moscow in 1943. Today’s veterans are Limavady-born Robert Allen awarded a DSM “for services in submarines in enemy waters”, Gilbert Smith and William Todd from Coleraine. Photo – Arrangement for Royal Irish Regiment Service of Remembrance, Belfast Cathedral.

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