November 17. James Gracey, DCM, NI Horse and NZ Police. Roll of Honour

Today is the birthday of General Bernard Montgomery. This day in 1915, the North Irish Horse disembarked in France. With them was James Gracey later to be awarded the DCM. He saw action at Hill 63 and Hill 41. Post-war he emigrated to New Zealand where he made policing history which is outlined in today’s report. In 1918 Clara Crozier, a military nurse from near Newry died in service. In 1940 Wiliam McNamarra, formerly of HMS Caroline (Photo), died in England as a result of enemy action at sea. He had worked in the coachbuilding department of the Belfast and County Down Railway. In 1943 the award of a DFC to Warrant Officer James Montgomery was recognised at a public reception by the people of Comber led by Lord Londonderry. James Davidson from Ballymoney fell with the Royal Ulster Rifles in Italy in 1944. On the same day RAF Corporal Edward Leckey from Belfast also died in Italy, and Lance Bombardier Gordon Hankin from Lisburn fell in the liberation of the Netherlands serving with an Anti-Tank Regiment.

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