May 10. Invasion of Holland. Westminster parliament bombed. Roll of Honour

The first airborne operation in history took place this day in 1940 when Germany invaded the Netherlands. A year later The House of Commons in London was damaged by the Luftwaffe in an air raid. Joseph Buckley from Lisburn died in 1915 hit by shrapnel. Aged 19, it was the third time he had been injured. His entry in the Roll includes a short outline of the military service of both his grandfathers in the Crimea War and Indian Mutiny and his brother’s service in Gallipoli. In 1941 James Craig died serving in the RUR. He is named on the Royal Courts of Justice, Belfast, Solicitors, and Apprentices War Memorial. He also served in WW1. In 1944 Lieutenant.James Adair, a TCD graduate from Derry, died serving with the Gurkha Rifles at Imphal. On that same day Flying Officer Andrew Henry from Cookstown died over France, and Inniskilling Fusilier, Hugh Kelly from Derry, died in India. Today is the anniversary of five RAF aircrew from NI whose remains rest in Dunboe, Oxfordshire, France, and Egypt. Today’s veteran is Walter Crozier from Bangor. He survived WW1 but his brother William did not. Walter’s four sons enlisted in the army in WW2. One did not return and another suffered thereafter from his experiences at Dunkirk. Gen. Dwight D Eisenhower commented on N Ireland’s role – “From here we started the long, hard march to Allied victory”

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