May 29. Dunkirk Memorial. Three Holywood brothers. Roll of Honour

Twenty-seven NI men named in today’s Roll fought and fell in the rearguard action to Dunkirk in 1940. As the Wehrmacht attacked, 2nd Battalion, Royal Ulster Rifles, held the rearguard. In 1916 Ernest Barrett from Holywood died in the Royal Flying Corps. He was one of three brothers to die in WW1. Nicholas Acheson of Gosford and Albert McIlwee of Limavady died in HMS Hereford in 1941 evacuating troops from Crete. In 1943 21-year-old AB William Grainger from Belfast died in a Motor Gun Boat. A month earlier he had been awarded the DSM for outstanding service, courage, and devotion to duty, though wounded, in a successful action with German armed trawlers. In 1944 Wm McCormick of the Skins died at Cassino. Photo – The Dunkirk Memorial to the unknown.

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