June 12. Orangemen visited the Pope in WW2. Roll of Honour

In 1922 six Irish regimental colours were laid up at Windsor Castle following the withdrawal of their troops from the Irish Free State. In today’s Roll for 1940 are 18-year-old Able Seaman Cecil Whitley from Cavehill, Belfast, who was lost in HMS Calypso, the first Royal Naval vessel to be sunk by the Regia Marina of Italy in the Second World War; and William McCalla, a Royal Navy reserve officer who was a frequent Competitor in Ulster T.T. Races, was lost in HM Trawler Sisapon. He was a Director of W. McCalla and Co., Belfast, and proprietor of the Ulster Steam Tender. The cost of carrying the war to Europe after Dunkirk is reflected in the seven names of NI air crew in 1943. Two are named on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, and the remainder in war cemeteries in Germany and Holland. In 1944 the Irish Brigade visited the Vatican and The Sash was played for the Pope. Photo – Bayeux Memorial bears the names of 1,800+ men of the Commonwealth land forces in Normandy who have no known grave.

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