June 16. Future lawyer and policeman on D-Day. Roll of Honour

This day in 1915 William Cotter from Aughnacloy and Belfast was injured serving with the Royal Irish Rifles. He refused to quit his post and sadly was buried later that day when a shell exploded close to his trench which caused it to fall in. Nine members of the Rifles are also listed on this day’s Roll. Edward Harvey of the Royal Flying Corps is remembered by a distinctive memorial in Derry Cathedral. He died in action near the Belgian village of Hooge. In 1918 William Currie from Cullybackey died in the recently established RAF in a fight with German aeroplanes. Andrew Logan from Portstewart is in today’s Veterans Roll. Before enlisting for WW1, he was a member of the Portstewart Company, Coleraine Battalion, North Derry Regiment, Ulster Volunteer Force. He was taken as a prisoner of war by the Germans in 1918. In the RN on D Day were Tom King who became President of the Law Society and James Stewart who gave 30 years of police service. Read their stories here.

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