July 2. VC’s of the 36th Ulster Division. King’s tribute. Roll of Honour

Nine of the 36th Division were awarded the Victoria Cross. Today’s Roll of Honour reflects Gallipoli and the Somme in WW1, Normandy, and North Africa in WW2. George Collins a Royal Marine from Belfast died at Gallipoli in 1915. 40+ names from Day 2 of the Somme include Charles Murray a member of Royal Portrush Golf Club, and former UVF officer, who died of wounds. His father was at Mafeking in the Boer War. James Hayes of Burnside, Portstewart, also died at Somme. A brother would die later in the war. In 1918 Eliza Morrison from Killead died of the effects of malaria in London following Red Cross service in Salonika. Sheriff Kennedy, RAF WW2, also of Portstewart, is remembered at El Alamein and his home parish church. George Cunningham a Fleet Air Arm pilot from Belfast died in 1945 when his Fairey Barracuda dived into the Moray Firth in the course of a training exercise. In 1903 today’s veteran was born at Islandmagee. Robert Boyd commanded four different submarines in WW2 and was twice decorated. Photo – Artwork: The Shrouds of the Somme.

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