July 20. Remembering Belgian allies. Roll of honour

Through the linen business Northern Ireland had strong links with Belgium. The local veterans of WW1 strengthened that awareness and in WW2 units of the Belgian Army were stationed in various places in NI. Tomorrow is a special day of remembrance of those links with our Belgian allies. The story of Judy, a dog mascot on several ships and a surviver of Japanese camps who post-war brought solace to deceased prisoners families is still moving. In today’s Roll – In 1913 Royal Marine John Patterson from Newtownards had completed 12 years service and then joined the Fleet Reserve serving until his death from wounds in Egypt in 1915. A Templepatrick man, Cyril Tapping, died with the Chinese Labour Corps in 1918. Flying Officer Andrew Charles RAFVR from Coleraine and Sergeant John Erskine RAFVR from Ballyclare died in 1943. John McColgan, a reservist in HMS Caroline joined the RN in 1937. Decorated for services on arctic convoys, he and John Hutchinson from Hillsborough were lost in HMS Isis off Normandy in 1944.

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