July 21. Worst 24 hours in Australian military history. Roll of Honour

In 1916 a Nationalist councillor in Dungannon paid tribute to to 36th Ulster Division in such a manner that the Council widened the resolution to include “all the Irish regiments which, irrespective of creed or colour, have covered themselves with glory at every arena of activity.” This day in 1945 there was a British Berlin Victory Parade. In 1915 Abraham Lyttle, a Marine from Ballymoney, fell at Gallipoli. Rifleman Adams from Dervock fell on this day in 1917. His remains rest at Derry House Cemetery. On the same day Hugh Campbell, an Orangeman and UVF member from Holywood died near Menin. He had been chauffeur to shipbuilder Mr. Frank Workman. William Hanna from Carrickfergus was lost in 1940 in HMS Phoenix hit by an Italian torpedo boat. His father served throughout WW1 with RIR. Another son James was killed at sea through enemy action on July 11. Three RAF men from NI share this anniversary and Normandy is still taking a toll on the Royal Ulster Rifles. Photo – Seasonal colour at the Anzin St Aubin Cemetery.

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