July 22. Costly service of sons of manse. Roll of Honour

Two Old Campbellians from Presbyterian Manses died on this date. John Davis, of Ballynahinch, a minister of the Church of Scotland, but serving in the RAMC died in 1917 and in 1918 John Clarke from Strabane died in the RAF. Sam Milliken from Ballyclare had served with the Irish Guards before emigrating to Australia. He died this day in 1916 in France with the Australian Infantry. Captain Ian Mitchell from Londonderry was well known in the city, where he had many friends, particularly in sporting circles. Educated at Wrekin College, later going to Sandhurst, he died in 1942 while a prisoner of war in Japanese hands. In 1943 twenty year old Robert Rutherford of Holywood died when his Stirling bomber stalled and crashed. In 1944 Harold Adams from Belfast died serving in the RAF. On the same day Martin Crawford, originally from Glenone, died in France serving in the Calgary Highlanders. Henry Ward from Belfast served in HMS Violet, a Flower-class corvette. His remains rest at Durban, South Africa. On this day 38 (Irish) Brigade arrived in Egypt in 1944. In 1945 Montgomery was appointed as C-in-C of the British force of occupation in Germany. Photo – Women of Steel, Sheffield.

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