August 1.Context of actions: Passchendaele WW1 and Magennis VC WW2. Roll of Honour

A look at two contexts – Passchendaele, the Third Battle of Ypres which was one of the most costly and controversial Allied offensives in WW1, and that in which James Magennis won the VC in WW2. In 1917 Hillsborough men Herbert Crangle and James Gibson, and Denis Murphy from Larne died serving in Scottish regiments around Ypres. In 1940 the RN Submarine Narwhal was spotted and sunk by a Dornier flying boat off Norway. Thomas Andrews from Lurgan was in the crew of 85 who perished. On the same day Patrick McQuaide from Kilrea, serving in the Cameronians, died. His remains rest at Drumgarner (St Mary) Roman Catholic cemetery, between Upperlands and Kilrea. In 1942 RAF Sergeant Gerard Kelly DFM died over Germany. Photo – HMS XE8 sister boat of HMS XE3.

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