August 3. Etaples is largest Commonwealth War Graves cemetery in France. Roll of Honour

On this day in 1914 Sir Edward Grey stood at a window in the Foreign Office, watching the lamps being lit as dusk approached, he is famously said to have remarked to the editor of the Westminster Gazette, “The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our time. On the 4th of August 1914, Britain declared war on Germany. On this day in 1915, Edwin Frizelle died at Gallipoli. He is remembered on Queen’s University and Dungannon War Memorials. James Sterling a Royal Marine mortar man from Belfast was killed in an accidental explosion in an ammunition dugout in 1916 in France. David Dunning had worked at Queen’s Island. He was taken prisoner of war on March 21, and he died from pneumonia in Germany in 1918. Robert Wallace a 23-year-old RAF aircrew from Belfast died in 1942 and is commemorated at El Alamein. The Battle for Centuripe in Sicily continued in 1943. George Johnson from Ballymena died there serving with Canadian forces. Today’s veteran is William Love from Coleraine who served in the Royal Navy in WW1.

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