August 4. War starts 1914 Germany invades Belgium. Roll of Honour

On this day after being refused free passage to France, Germany invaded Belgium in 1914, violating the Treaty of London. This brought Britain into WWI. By the conflict’s end, Britain and her colonies had suffered 3+ million casualties. Tom Cunningham from Crossgar was one of the sons of the Empire who died serving with the Australian Light Horse in 1916. At 10am on this day in 1917, 16th (Irish) and 36th (Ulster) Divisions officially took over the front line between St Julien and Frezenberg from the 15th and 55th Divisions. Ballymoney-born Edward Thompson fell with the Australian Infantry in France in 1917. John Loughrey from Castlederg and the Skins fell in Sicily in 1943. Tom Williamson from Lisburn and the RUR in Normandy in 1944. North Irish Horse sergeant James Clulow died in Italy in 1944. His father Private Joseph Clulow died on active service on 16/08/1917 while serving with the Irish Fusiliers. At the time his young son was not yet 1 year old.

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