August 27. Tourist attraction was troop ship. A Derry drum. Roll of Honour

The Battle of Le Cateau took place on August 26th, 1914. A Derryman Drummer Kydd, of the 2nd Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers who was only a lad of 16 handed his drum over to a Frenchwoman at Le Cateau. She hid the drum and later gave it to a Canadian Regiment who returned it to the Inniskillings battalion. In 1924 when the 2nd Battalion was disbanded the drum was handed over to the Museum of the Royal United Services Institution at Whitehall. Today’s Veterans Roll includes an account of Royal Ulster Rifleman Richard Keegan’s service on D Day and the days following. Today is the anniversary of his death in 2013. Photo – The SS Nomadic is now one of Belfast’s most important tourist attractions, but this photograph shows her in a very different role – being used as a troop ship in June 1940 during the evacuation of Cherbourg. On this day in 1945, one of the greatest international armadas ever assembled, enters the Bay of Sagami, Tokyo, and B-29 Superfortress bombers begin to drop supplies into Allied prisoner of war camps in China.

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