August 30. Telegraph editor was Churchill’s card index memory man. Roll of Honour

Jack Sayers was the son of the editor of the Belfast Telegraph. A Naval Reserve officer, he was in HMS Courageous in September 1939 when it was torpedoed west of Ireland by a U boat. In November 1939, six weeks after the torpedoing of Courageous, he was recruited to Winston Churchill’s naval/military “map room” which had been set up by his friend and fellow RNVR officer, Richard Pim, a future head of the RUC. In the Map Room, the course of the war was plotted. Sayers manned the room and was called by Churchill, “The Ulsterman with the card index memory”. In 1915 Henry O’Hara whose family resided at the Castle, Portstewart, was decorated for service at Gallipoli and died later at Gibraltar. Eric Craig, one of three brothers to serve, was killed in action instantaneously by a German trench mortar 43 days after arriving in France in 1916. He was one of 70 former students of Foyle College who lost their lives in WW1. 1918 fatalities include George Chapman from Hillsborough who was serving with Canadian Infantry having enlisted at Windsor, Ontario. A member of 1st Portadown BB Old Boys Silver Band, RAF Sergeant David Todd, was lost returning to his unit in Malta in 1941. He was employed in the office of Spence Brysons before enlisting in the RAF. Thomas Dick from Carrickfergus and Charles Murray from Acton died in a raid on Stettin, Poland, on the night of 29/30 August 1944. Their remains rest in the Old Garrison Cemetery, Poznan, Poland.

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