September 9. Belfast lawyer was outstanding MTB Flotilla Commander. Roll of Honour

Remembered on the anniversary of his death in 2000 – the service of George Lennox Cotton who began his Solicitor’s Apprenticeship in Belfast before the Second World War. During the War, he served with distinction in the Royal Navy and was awarded the DSC in 1942. He commanded the 50thMTB (Motor Torpedo Boat) Flotilla. He was wounded during battle with E boats. John Clarke, a doctor from Ballymena, died in service at Sulva Bay, Gallipoli this day in 1915. Today’s Roll includes the service of 42 NI infantry who fell in 1916. Most of them died in an attack on Ginchy. On this day in 1938, The Auxiliary Territorial Service Memorial was formed. During WWII over 250,000 women served in the ATS. Amongst today’s veterans is George Marshall a medical officer in WW1 who had a stellar post-war career. The loss of his only son, Robert, who qualified in medicine in 1939 and promptly joined the Army, unfortunately only to be killed in Burma after the fall of Singapore during the Second World War, was a grievous blow to him because between father and son there had existed a great understanding. Dr. and Mrs. Marshall generously bequeathed a room in the QUB medical library to their son’s memory.

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