September 10. Ballycastle WRNS gave up rank for marriage. Roll of Honour

Amongst veterans remembered today is Joan nee Casement Templeton, the WRNS officer from Ballycastle, who had to resign her commission as she outranked her husband-to-be. Today is their wedding anniversary. In 1916 Inniskillings battalions were engaged in Belgium and Greece. This is the anniversary of the WW2 sinking of HMS Abdiel. David Cromie from Ballywalter, Norman Harris, and Hugh Hutchinson from Belfast were lost. An account by a Para survivor is salutary reading. The records of three veterans – Petty Officer Walter Coles from Kilkeel, Marine James Craig, and Stoker Alex Davidson – recall the conflicts at sea in WW1. Photo at Ballycastle courtesy Eoin McConnell.

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