September 13. Legal expert was Chief Test Pilot with the Mediterranean Fleet. Roll of Honour

Amongst those remembered today is Lieutenant-Commander Gerald Ralph Auchinleck Darling, RNVR. Fleet Air Arm, Chief Test Pilot in WW2. He had a most successful law career in London post-war but he maintained Crevenagh, Omagh, as his home. 18-year-old Walter Pollock from Derry died at the beginning of the Battle of the Aisne this day in 1914, which was an effort by the Allies to cross the river Aisne and complete the defeat of the Germans recently driven back at the Battle of the Marne. His name is inscribed on St Columb’s Cathedral, the Diamond War Memorial, and La Ferte Sous Jouarre Memorial, Seine et Marne, France. Inglis Miller from Omagh also fell. He was the first Old Portoran to die in WW1. In 1940 RN Seaman Frank Hobson from Belfast was fatally injured when his ship was machined gunned off Northern Ireland. William Caldwell from Ballymoney died near El Alamein serving with the Royal Artillery. William Alexander from Belfast died serving with the RAF in 1945. His remains rest in Kirkee War Cemetery, India. On the 13th of September 1942, the Nazis rounded up over 10,000 Jewish children from the Lodz Ghetto and murdered every single one. This has to be one of the most heinous acts committed by this barbaric regime.

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