September 14. Decorated Derry Naval Reserve WW2 sub-hunter.Roll of Honour

David Bates, a former student of Dungannon Royal School moved with his family to Canada after his father’s death. He fell in 1917 with Canadian infantry a day before his unit was to be relieved. John Mitchell from Belfast served with the RN Armoured Car Division serving in Belgium and Russia and transferred to the Machine Gun Corps which deployed in Baku. He died in 1918 and is named on the Basra Memorial, Iraq. Former Rockport student John Steele-Nicholson and seven other crew members died in 1942 when their B-24 Liberator Mark II aircraft crashed in Scotland. Today’s Veterans include Thomas Anderson from Coleraine who served in HMS Zulu in WW2. He saw action in Norway at the 2nd Battle of Narvik, in the Mediterranean, and was present at the sinking of Bismarck. He was wounded and taken POW at Tobruk on 14/09/42 whilst landing Royal Marines by boat. HMS Zulu was sunk by bombing that day. He joined Merchant Navy after the war. Ross McFall Kirkpatrick from Belfast was the Medical Officer in Zulu. He was awarded the DSC on 22/12/1942 for service during a raid on Tobruk. He died 22/10/1943. Aged 27, in HMS Hurworth.

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