October 23. Five sons of the Manse. Roll of Honour

Photo – Wimeruex Cemetery near Bologne where headstones are laid flat due to winds and sandy soil along the coastal area. The remains rest here of Canadian medic Lt Col John McCrae who wrote ‘In Flanders Fields’. James Poag a tram driver in Belfast fell at Neuve Chapelle in 1914. He is named on the war memorial in Belfast City Hall. He was one of three brothers to serve. Four sons of a Presbyterian minister in Randalstown served in WW1. One was a founding officer in the RAF, and another, Hugh McClure, remembered in today’s Roll, was a Gunner officer who died at Le Cateau. A son of the manse in Poyntzpass, George Laverty died serving with Canadian Engineers in 1916. Second Lieutenant John Knox MC and Bar, 15th Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, formerly of North Irish Horse, was seriously wounded and died in 1918. WW2 entries include Stanley Edgar a Derry submariner lost in HMS Unique – on eternal patrol. Click here for report –

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